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Calling all developers.

The Joint Space Operations Network needs your help!

Somewhere on the cold, desolate planet of Mars, the Fourth Horizon team may be stranded. Mars may be the second smallest planet in our solar system, but giant dust storms and harsh conditions make missions to this planet especially difficult. Out of the 39 missions to the Red Planet, only 16 have been successful.1

During a red rock sample collection expedition, the team lost contact with home base, and they need your expertise to help determine the cause of the interruption.

Join us at the Microsoft Technology Center in a city near you for a special interactive event. Bring your laptop and any knowledge you may have about cloud technologies, although no previous experience in this area is necessary to partake in this mission. Get briefed on the situation at hand, compete against fellow developers to regain contact with the Fourth Horizon Crew, and learn more about cognitive services, IoT, and Azure in the process.

The clock is ticking. Will you be the hero?

Learn more about Mission Mars: Fourth Horizon and reserve your spot today.