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Companies that are willing to embrace digital transformation, on average, generate $100 million more in additional operating income each year. These are industry leaders who understand that thriving in a digital-first, mobile-first world means being adaptable, taking an intuitive approach to engaging customers, and providing quick and accessible services. Many organizations, however, are missing the mark in achieving true innovation.

As the world around us rapidly adopts an always-on philosophy, only the companies that are willing to adapt will be left standing. Organizations across every industry face mounting demands from customers expecting constant availability. And if you’re not prepared to keep up with those expectations, consumers will take their business to a company that can.

Empowered employees through flexibility
Whatever industry you work in, you should be looking to discover the latest technology to drive productivity and customer engagement.

And for those who are looking to modernize, we have good news—the future of technology is here.

Let this serve as your invitation to experience digital discovery at the Microsoft US Tech Summit Event Series, a free learning event for IT professionals, developers, and technology decision-makers.

At Tech Summit, you can choose the track that best fits your business goals and needs, or mix and match the sessions to diversify your perspective.

Empowered employees through flexibility
Track A: Digital Transformation

Discover how you can transform your products and business through digital transformation with Microsoft. Find out how to leverage innovative technology to empower employees, drive customer engagement, and optimize your operations.

Sessions include:

• Security for Your Digital Transformation
• Create a Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365
• Business Transformation Through Cloud and AI
• Relationship Selling with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn

Realize the possibilities that come with digital transformation and gain a new approach to driving business productivity.

Empowered employees through flexibility
Track B: Data & AI and Apps & Infrastructure

Are you getting the most out of your data? 2.5 exabytes of data are produced every day. Without the right tools to manage this data, you are missing out on opportunities to gain keen insights on your customers. Microsoft offers the most innovative and secure cloud strategies for your business or organization to leverage to truly drive innovation.

Sessions include:

  • Simplify Hybrid Cloud Protection with Azure Security Center
  • Power Your Data from On-Premise to Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Strategies and Management
  • Using the Microsoft AI Platform for Next Generation Applications

Experience cloud capabilities for yourself. Find out how Microsoft Azure can help your organization thrive in a digital-first, mobile-first world.

Empowered employees through flexibility
Track C: Modern Workplace & Business Applications

Open communication capabilities among employees is the key to ensuring your goals and objectives are aligned throughout your organization. With Microsoft’s modern business technology, you can deliver a degree of collaboration for your employees that allows for greater efficiencies in the workforce. Additionally, these platforms foster meaningful connections with your customers by allowing you to leverage powerful applications on a secure server.

Sessions include:

  • Inform and Engage Employees with SharePoint Communications Sites and Yammer
  • Build Applications for Your Business Using PowerApps and Flow
  • Next-Generation Preventative Protection with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Transform Your Communications with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

During the Microsoft US Tech Summit Event Series, whether you’re a cloud beginner or already a cloud expert, you can gain valuable insights into evolving your skill set and leveraging the cloud to optimize your organization’s operations. This is your chance to connect with experts and uncover the latest digital trends, tools, and product roadmaps to help you turn bold concepts into groundbreaking reality.

Make time to learn how cloud technology can give you the capabilities to go as big as you can dream. Microsoft platforms offer your organization a path to complete digital transformation to drive efficiency and allow you to achieve your most difficult goals. Take the next step in shaping your future and learn how to build your cloud skills. Join us and experience the future of innovation at the Microsoft US Tech Summit Event Series.

Choose the right sessions for you and begin your path to innovation today.

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