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Focus on: Transform products, Optimize Operations

Founded in 1993, Sport Clips Haircuts is a fun, colorful sports-themed men’s and boys’ haircare franchise business headquartered in Georgetown, Texas. Just shy of 25 years old, the company has an impressive presence across the country with more than 1,700 franchise stores, and locations in all 50 states and five provinces in Canada.

With the company’s steady growth, it welcomed the opportunity to transform its business. The last few years have seen incredible advancements in technology, providing new devices, tools, and features to drive success. Sport Clips’ Chief Operating Officer Edward Logan and Chief Information Officer Dan Miller worked with their team to transform their company with Microsoft products, and secure their position as leaders in the haircare industry.

Adjusting to meet the needs of a modern customer base

Though extremely successful, Sport Clips recognized the company needed to modernize quickly to meet the real-time requirements of an increasingly mobile world. The organization understood that investing in reliable technology and impactful digital innovation was the most effective way to develop a more modern client check in and check out experience and stay on the cutting-edge of the haircare industry.

Always attentive to their client base, Sport Clips’ leadership noticed that evolutions in technology were driving new client expectations. Their latest generation of clients was looking for more digital experiences, with additional opportunities to interact with stylists via technology. The company needed to develop—not just a single digital feature—but a seamless digital environment both clients and team members could easily navigate, ensuring more efficient communication and customer service. “We really do want to give championship service to our clients—the best experience on your phone, and the best experience on your tablet or computer,” said Dan.

Enhancing the customer experience with Microsoft Surface devices

Adopting Surface tablets as a customer-facing tool adds a tangible digital feature to each store location. The device’s durability supports regular use from approximately 300 to over 1,000 clients per week, and the touchscreen capabilities and sleek design deliver a professional look. Surface’s powerful interface supports vital customer and business applications, while the device’s mobility also enables their use in many various locations.

Sport Clips adopted Microsoft products in multiple areas, including hosting their servers with Microsoft’s scalable and reliable cloud service, Azure. The continuity between devices and digital equipment increases convenience and efficiency. Embracing digital innovation also allows the company to gather meaningful data that will allow for more timely and targeted messaging to its clients. By implementing a holistic digital transformation, the company can provide a seamless and connected digital environment from an employee and business standpoint, and for clients across 1,700 store locations.

Laying the foundation for a more successful, digital future

As they plan for the future, Sport Clips is committed to evolving with the industry landscape, and exploring new and relevant digital solutions to keep their company at the forefront. Rather than relying fully on technology, the company is determined to leverage digital innovation to enhance their existing championship client experience.

“[It used to be] you needed to do a physical remodel to stay current so you didn’t get outdated, and [investing in] technology has almost become that way,” says Edward. “Without doing it, you’re falling behind, and while doing it – if you’re doing it right – you have a shot at being ahead.”

By staying aware of new customer trends and shifts in technology, Sport Clips can identify the best solutions to meet future expectations.

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