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Empowering employees in the field has long been a challenge for consumer goods brands.

Today’s modern technologies are providing opportunities to dramatically improve productivity and collaboration for field staff. But with new mobility options comes its own set of hurdles: managing and securing all these new endpoints, often hundreds or thousands of them.

G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers is one consumer goods leader who faced similar challenges and successfully scaled those hurdles and more.

To establish a digital link between office and field, the company equipped its nearly 1,200 field workers with company smartphones and Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions for all 1,600 workers.

Almost overnight, its IT staff went from managing 450 devices to managing 2,700 devices. And they suddenly had more than a thousand new security vulnerabilities floating around in pockets, purses and vehicles. There was also the challenge of simplifying authentication for 1,600 versus 450 users to a growing number of on-premises and cloud-based applications.

To solve these challenges, G&J Pepsi turned to services it was already licensing—Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (Microsoft EMS), a suite of products for managing identity, mobile devices, and security.

In about four months, G&J Pepsi enrolled all the new, roving field staff smartphones in its device management solution and set up authentication management of all 1,600 employees to all company applications.

With its employees now digitally and securely connected, collaboration has soared, G&J Pepsi has improved operational excellence, and its IT staff is able to manage a growing roster of devices and applications with fewer people.

To learn more, you can read their full success story here.

LinkedIn: Tracy Issel