At the 2014 JT Open International Conference in Tokyo, Japan, I will have the pleasure of reporting the progress made by Siemens PLM and Microsoft to enable JT (ISO 14306:2012) for mobility business processes. To help bring this progress to life, I will have the privilege of sharing ATK Aerospace experience with Surface Pro and JT2Go for Windows 8 for shop floor processes where product manufacturing information (PMI) is essential.

Additionally I will demonstrate some of the up-and-coming features that are planned for JT2Go for Windows 8, specifically the new markup capability that utilizes pen input and the inclusion of Microsoft Azure Rights Management and Rights Management Services to protect and control JT files when shared both internally within the Enterprise and especially externally with partners.


My colleagues from Microsoft Japan have arranged hands-on access to the latest tablets and 2-in-1’s that are suited to JT2Go including Surface Pro 3, Panasonic’s Toughpad 4K and Dell’s Venue Pro 8. Additionally, 3D Systems will be joining us to demonstrate how Windows 8.1 makes 3D Printing quick and easy, while using the new 3D printing feature in JT2Go for Windows 8.

Please do stay tuned for an update after my presentation on Friday 19th of September. I will share details about the overall performance of JT2Go for Windows 8 using telemetry garnered from the App itself as well as the feedback from early adopters, key influencers and Enterprises who have deployed JT2Go for mobility enabled processes.