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Picture of Volker Strasser This is the moment we work for.

– from Carl Zeiss AG

As I prepared for my strategy meeting for Carl Zeiss AG and thought about their mission, I knew this partnership was going to lead to great things.

I am Volker Strasser, a Microsoft Digital Advisor. Microsoft Digital Advisory Services is a team within Microsoft Services. Around the world, we partner with customers on their Digital Transformation.

My customer is a truly innovative company, Carl Zeiss AG. It didn’t take me long to experience how they live their mission. For over 170 years, Carl Zeiss AG has been a global technology leader in the optics and optoelectronics industries. They serve the semiconductor, automotive, mechanical engineering, and biomedical research industries, and they also produce eyeglass lenses, camera lenses, binoculars – even planetariums.

Picture of Carl Zeiss AG employeesAfter some initial discussions and ideating, we started working together on “Zero Footprint.” For Carl Zeiss AG, “Zero Footprint” meant supporting three areas that would define their future success – hiring and retaining a highly qualified and motivated staff that could develop and produce innovative products, enabling networks and partnerships within and outside of the company that could address the complexity of innovation, and investing in R&D and infrastructure.

Picture of Matthias FeldmannAs Matthias Feldmann, Head of Enterprise Workplace at Carl Zeiss AG, says, “Speed is the new business currency. Today, it’s really important to be agile, fast…”

People make great things possible, and we want to empower them to find their moments of fascination every day. In less than two months, we completed the first phase for “Zero Footprint.” The core team created a video as a way to share and inspire Zeiss employees with their vision for the future. Watch the video below: