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Huge transformations have swept across the manufacturing landscape, challenging traditional processes and operations. Success will depend on manufacturers’ ability to up their game, and this will only be achieved through the implementation of new technologies. Bill Moffett speaks with Jacqui Griffiths in latest issue of The Record about how we are to navigate and lead digital transformation successfully, ensuring that our culture is ready to engage and learn in order to thrive.

“The manufacturing industry is shifting its focus from building products as standalone offerings to providing services that enhance existing products, doing so manufacturers are not only providing a product but nurturing a relationship that is built on feedback and trust. This has become increasingly important as the expectation for mass customisation has become the norm. Manufacturers need the flexibility to create customised products for a segment of one if they are to succeed.”

We also hear from industry Partners Iconics, Metafile, Dassault Systemes and Driveworks in this feature, providing anecdotal evidence of how the Partner community is playing its part in this future vision.

“Technologies like mixed reality, AI, machine learning and IoT are integral components of an intelligent manufacturing future,” says Moffett. “Each manufacturer has unique needs, and as the competitive arena continues to evolve they need the agility to respond quickly to opportunities and create new business models. Microsoft’s network of partners has the deep industry expertise to leverage these technologies to deliver specific business outcomes, with solutions that combine the best thinking from manufacturing experts and Microsoft software engineers.”

You can read the full feature article, plus a number of other industry stories from the Microsoft Partner community, in the latest issue of The Record here.