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Undoubtedly, AI is one of the most important advances in manufacturing. It is not the next big breakthrough—it is here today.

But as we’ve witnessed over the past 20 years, new technologies such as AI raise complex questions and broad societal concerns. As we look to a future powered by a partnership between computers and humans, it is important that we address these challenges head on. How will AI impact employment and jobs? How do we ensure that AI is designed, used and governed responsibly? How can AI be developed in ways that are human-centered and can ensure broad and fair access to its benefits as we move forward together?

These are all questions Microsoft is thinking about every day, as we work to democratize AI for every person and every organization.

My Digital Empowerment video series explores important topics like these, with the goal of helping to guide you through your journey of becoming a digital business. In a special two-part series, I explore AI from the ground up.

In our first episode, Microsoft’s Indranil Sircar and Ted Way demonstrated how Microsoft is advancing manufacturing innovation with AI

In this latest episode, I sit down with Nick Tsilas, our senior attorney for Manufacturing & Growth Industries, to discuss the potential of AI to help us build a better, more responsible, more sustainable world.

Nick and I look at the important questions around ethics and trust. We explore Microsoft’s ethical principles that guide the development and use of AI. And we delve deeper into what our AI-enabled future will look like in terms of future workforce, policies and regulations, and collaboration across global stakeholders.

At Microsoft, we are optimistic about the opportunities that AI provides to create a better future for all.

I highly enjoyed this conversation with Nick and I invite you to spend a few minutes exploring these ideas with us.

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