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It’s finally here. Hannover Messe 2019 officially started.

Every year, global leaders of the manufacturing industry come to Hannover Messe to educate, intrigue, and inspire attendees with fresh ideas and creative solutions to some of the most prevalent and persistent challenges in manufacturing. This year, I am excited that we will get to show our progress towards helping manufacturers transform their businesses from top-floor to shop-floor—delivering improved customer and social outcomes with product-as-a-service.

Experience product innovations

Just last week Microsoft announced several new product innovations that will bring this reality of intelligent manufacturing even closer for our customers and partners.

These recently announced innovations, along with many others, will be on display at our booth at Hannover Messe (Digital Factory, Hall 7).

Explore how AI, Mixed Reality and IoT have enabled our customers and partners

During the event, join us at our booth to get hands-on with how Microsoft is driving intelligent manufacturing innovation and enabling customers and partners to manufacture a better future. You will see highlights including:

  • Siemens Gamesa, the leader in renewable energy, will demonstrate how they are reimagining manufacturing by streamlining inspection and maintenance of industrial wind turbines by migrating their autonomous drone-digital process to Microsoft Azure and infusing it with Azure AI.
  • Hitachi Solutions will showcase how they are helping global organizations create outcome-driven, connected field services with IoT and mixed reality to support maintenance work by field workers to increase uptime and service continuity.
  • PTC will also show how scalable mixed reality solutions from Microsoft and PTC allow Howden’s customers to prevent the challenges and costs associated with unplanned downtime and better align overall maintenance strategies—which were previously based only on conjecture and after-the-fact analysis.
  • Bühler, one of the world’s largest providers of food processing solutions, will share how they are leveraging Microsoft blockchain technology to improve global food safety standards and reduce food poisoning rates, while increasing production efficiencies.
  • The latest in our Future Computed book series: The Future Computed: AI and Manufacturing explores the way manufacturers from across the world are embracing AI. It shares insights from our customers on the importance of creating the right company culture and talent pipeline to realize AI’s potential, and explores the role of public policy in addressing labor market disruption and fostering the ethical use of AI. We’ll preview the book and its key themes at Hannover Messe.

Explore how intelligent application of technology can accelerate digital leadership

On April 2nd, I will speak at Hannover Messe’s first Industrial Pioneers Summit about Digital Leadership in the Intelligent Manufacturing era. During my discussion, I will address key market and business opportunities in manufacturing, explore emerging, intelligent technology capabilities that accelerate digital leadership, and share best practices from those already at the forefront of innovation. Learn more about the Industrial Pioneers Summit.

Learn how AI can drive manufacturing innovation as well as an inclusive workplace

On April 4th, Wendy Bauer, Business Strategy Lead for the Microsoft Manufacturing and Resources Industry organization, will speak at the WomenPower conference. She will share how manufacturers can embrace the new era of data and AI-driven automated processes in order to not only push the boundaries of manufacturing innovation, but to redefine a more inclusive, modern workplace. Learn more about the WomenPower Summit.

Look for Microsoft at HM 2019 and see for yourself how leading manufacturing organizations are using new technologies to reimagine manufacturing by delivering new services, empowering their workforces, and optimizing digital operations.

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