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The inaugural Microsoft Digital Manufacturing Summit launched on June 24th, and I hope you will join me and our global community as we share best practices and innovations to help create more agile factories and resilient supply chains during this time of disruption. The event includes over 30 on-demand webinars, product demos, virtual roundtables, and more. The Summit is free and available to everyone. If you have not already done so, you can register here.

The Microsoft Digital Manufacturing Summit features perspectives and guidance on the continued transformation of the industry from some of the best minds at Microsoft, our solution partners, and customers. The session topics cover engaging your workforce and customers in new ways, operating safe and agile factories, creating more resilient supply chains, unlocking innovations, and reimagining the new normal—with an emphasis on strategies and best practices to help organizations manufacture a resilient and sustainable future.

When you first arrive at the Summit, I invite you to start your experience with my day one keynote where I discuss how the community is coming together to collaborate and address the forces that continue to drive change. You will learn how Microsoft, our partners, and customers are coming together to meet new challenges and create opportunities through intelligent manufacturing.

Be sure to attend the day one and two roundtables featuring our partners and customers, followed by live ‘Meet the Experts’ sessions where you can have your questions answered by Microsoft. I also strongly encourage you to watch the day-two keynote hosted by Sabine Bendiek, Area Vice President, Microsoft Germany. Sabine’s session will include her point of view on the latest trends shaping the future of manufacturing and our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Once you have experienced the live sessions, there is rich on-demand content for you to explore. These sessions will be organized by the following industry scenarios:

Engage your workforce and customers in new ways

Combine productivity apps, intelligent cloud services, and business applications to transform the way you work and deliver value to customers.

Operate Safe and agile factories

Drive reliable quality and yield within safe, secure, and agile factories with IT, OT, and industrial IoT, while ensuring business continuity with remote manufacturing operations capabilities, leveraging digital threads of your assets and metrics.

Create more resilient supply chains

Improve visibility, traceability, resiliency, and profitability through intelligent supply chain planning and execution.

Unlock innovations and shape the new normal

Accelerate discovery and engineering of new business value using digital feedback loops and digital twins.

After you register you can consult our Suggested Learning Paths to help you navigate our Manufacturing Summit content, including over 30 webinars and demos that are in the session catalog. We hope you’ll consider these suggestions as a “quick start” to put you on the path for insights and key learnings that will help you “navigate the now”. We recommend all roles learn how Microsoft platforms and technologies are addressing the challenges of the current pandemic. Watch our demos starting with COVID 19: Phase 1 crisis communication.

The Microsoft Digital Manufacturing Summit has a lot to offer every leader looking to accelerate their intelligent manufacturing initiatives. To access the on-demand content just complete the short registration form.

I look forward to seeing you at the Summit.