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Microsoft Industry Blogs


How Microsoft cloud innovations accelerate adoption and business opportunities for manufacturers 

As worldwide demand for cloud computing continues to rise, Microsoft is investing to meet this demand. At a recent event in San Francisco, our CEO Satya Nadella outlined how Microsoft is using Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics to deliver the most complete cloud for every business, industry and geography....Read more

A simple approach to Connected Operations: The industrial Internet of Things, people and services 

A complex manufacturing revolution is happening today. “Can systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) be simple?” is a question that I often get. Let’s think through it…...Read more

Windows 10: what it means for manufacturers 

Microsoft recently shared its first sneak peek at the product direction for the Windows operating system and the upcoming release of Windows 10....Read more

JT2Go for Windows 8 facilities mobility processes with Surface for leading Enterprises 

Today, at the JT Open International Conference in Tokyo, I shared details about the overall performance of 3D Viewer for JT and JT2Go for Windows 8, how they are used with the assistance of ATK Aerospace and demonstrated a few of the exciting new features targeted for a future release of JT2Go....Read more

Microsoft, Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software and ATK Aerospace To Share Mobility Progress at the JT Open International Conference 

At the 2014 JT Open International Conference in Tokyo, Japan, I will have the pleasure of reporting the progress made by Siemens PLM and Microsoft to enable JT (ISO 14306:2012) for mobility business processes. To help bring this progress to life, I will have the privilege of sharing ATK Aerospace experience with Surface Pro and...Read more

Tap Into the Data Dividend to Compete In the Age of IoT 

The technology marketplace is full of buzz today about big data and the Internet of Things, but the fact is, today’s more powerful sensors and devices, connected to back-end systems, analytics software and the cloud, are transforming industries, right now....Read more