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Sustained creativity has always been a true differentiator. The individuals and teams who regularly break through the status quo become our models of true ingenuity and innovation. The influence and impact of their work transform not only the arts and industry but also our society at large. And their legacy of mentorship, collaboration, determination, and continuous learning both inspire and challenge others to make their own mark on the creative landscape.

Creativity in the Digital Age, presented by Microsoft, shares the firsthand perspective and experience of four accomplished media and entertainment industry professionals on their creative origins, what fuels their creative process, the role technology plays in developing and expressing their ideas, and their guidance and inspiration for others on the often challenging journey of a creative artist.

Filmed in February 2020 at RAK Studios in London, Creativity in the Digital Age features:

Dave Cronen–artist manager, producer, and lecturer at the Academy of Contemporary Music

“As we learn and adapt, and as the younger generation come through with their ideas and less of the old school attitudes, I think that could be really exciting times.”

Jill Furmanovsky–legendary photographer and the founder of RockArchive.com

“The creative process is not easy. You have to be very persistent and you have to make a lot of wrong turns and fail quite a lot before you get to something that’s really precious.”

Mat Bancroft–creative director and designer

“There’s always elements of collaboration. There will be a continuous collaboration leading up to the final result. And the work should be considered, in my opinion, as in exactly the same category as fine art.”

Perry Nightingale–Senior Vice-President of Creative AI at WPP

“Creativity is believing in yourself. It’s believing in your idea. It’s keeping on going, and it’s not giving up.”

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