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On July 29, 2020, the DPP, in collaboration with Digital Catapult and enabled by DPP members, Microsoft, and Cognizant, hosted a new initiative to surface and showcase the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions to improve media content management. Called the AI in Media Challenge, this online event addressed real-life business requirements through an open call to foster collaboration between innovative solution providers and content providers to develop leading-edge solutions to address the needs of DPP members and other organizations in media and entertainment.

For background, the DPP is the media industry’s business network, a not-for-profit with an international membership that includes global technology companies, production companies, digital agencies, suppliers, service providers, post-production facilities, online platforms, broadcasters, and distributors.

The production and management of the ever-increasing scale and quantity of media content is a complex process that in many cases still involves highly manual and repetitive tasks. AI and machine learning have the potential to transform the way the industry organizes, protects, stores, and monetizes content through automated processes that can manage content better, get it to market faster, and enhance exploration and discovery to rapidly connect audiences with relevant content.

The AI in Media Challenge was open to all organizations—from startups to established companies—that develop and deploy AI and machine learning technology solutions with the potential to solve media asset management issues. Participants were asked to address two challenge areas: enriching video content with relevant metadata and tags, and the quality control of audio and visual data.

The following five solution providers who responded to the open call had the opportunity to pitch their solutions to content providers at the online event, with support and expert guidance from the DPP, Digital Catapult, Microsoft, and Cognizant.

StoryFit: a solution that provides an analysis of creative content such as scripts and stories to better understand audiences and increase the likelihood of success for a particular piece of content.

DataLanguage: specialists in developing knowledge graphs with a range of products including automated content tagging and advanced analytics that enable an enhanced level of content detection for decision-making.

Newsbridge: a next-generation media asset management system for production teams that offers an advanced level of cognitive indexing through analysis of multiple data sources to provide a higher level of accuracy.

Wirewax: a solution that uses machine learning to automatically analyze, process, catalog, and fix video assets at scale.

Adlede: a solution for placing online advertisements that achieves better conversion rates through automated analysis of content, enabling mood targeting, and enhanced brand safety.

These solution providers and the content companies who participated in the event in July are encouraged to continue working together to further develop their solutions, the most successful of which will be featured at a DPP event later in 2020.

All told, the AI in Media Challenge proved to be a highly effective showcase of media solution innovation—one that no doubt deepened the understanding of DPP members and others in the industry regarding the increasing relevance and maturity of AI and machine learning to accelerate the ongoing transformation of content management and other media and entertainment workflows.

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