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The Infinity Festival has rapidly established itself as a must-attend event for both entertainment and technology industry leaders and influencers. Guided by more than 150 advisors from leading studios, talent agencies, and technology companies, the festival celebrates “story enabled by technology” and brings together technology innovators and Hollywood’s leading storytellers to connect, collaborate, and innovate.

Microsoft is extremely proud to be a presenting sponsor of this year’s virtual Infinity Festival, which features eight weeks of innovative programming from October 28 through January 7, 2021. During that time, new sessions will be released every Wednesday and Thursday, including keynotes from industry leaders, panel discussions, tech exhibitions, screenings, innovation labs, and much more.

Much of this content will emphasize emerging media and entertainment technology such as remote collaboration, artificial intelligence, 3D/VFX, immersive storytelling, and virtual production. And the best part? This year’s Infinity Festival is free. Just register, and you’re in.

Once you have access to the Infinity Festival content area, be sure to check out these three can’t-miss sessions:

The 5 P’s of Microsoft’s storytelling

Storytelling is an essential tool for any organization to differentiate their brand and products with target audiences, and Microsoft is no exception. Steve Clayton, Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller, will share the philosophy of Microsoft’s own storytelling along with examples of how this has been brought to life across owned, earned, digital, and physical media.

Microsoft and the Hollywood Professional Association spotlight: profiles in media industry leadership

As the media and entertainment industry continues to adjust to a marketplace that has been forever changed, many organizations are looking to technology for key innovation across production, post-production, and other media value chains. In this panel, hosted by Jennifer Cooper, Microsoft’s Global Head for Media Industry Strategy and Solution, you will hear from women executives pioneering innovation, creating opportunities for the next generation of media executives, and driving change within their organizations.​

Putting cloud, edge, and AI to work for content creators everywhere​

The demand for content continues to grow. So does the demand on creatives and production staff: more content with less budget, increased output with the same staff, higher quality, you name it. These demands are putting stress on ways of working, workflows, and production systems developed over the decades. The MovieLabs 2030 paper outlined a vision for why we need to change, and the high-level how. In this session, Hanno Basse, Microsoft Azure CTO for Media and Entertainment, will share what Microsoft is doing to bring that vision to life with cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and edge technologies.

Microsoft media and entertainment industry leaders will also host or contribute to other festival sessions on compelling topics such as the next generation of immersive content and experiences enabled by cloud technologies, security in the new age of remote collaboration, and the future of virtual and remote film and television production.

So, again, take just a few minutes to register for the virtual Infinity Festival to access these sessions and many more, all of which are sure to both educate and inspire the storytellers and technologists who are defining the media and entertainment industry’s future of creativity, content, and experiences.

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