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Innovation is one of the primary drivers for growth and profitability in business today, sitting at the top of many corporate agendas. 

Why? Innovation creates competitive differentiation and value that can provide a platform for sustainable growth in the long term. Innovation has matured from the bastion of R&D to become the CEO’s strategy for the entire organization. Innovation is a strategy that encompasses the best of any organization; its people. 

Where is our organization today?
Where does it need to be?
How do we get there? 

It requires a growth mindset by challenging the convention and imagining the art of the possible by generating ideas and envisioning the potential “What if…?”, “Imagine if…?” to unlock innovating on new business models, products or services at the intersection of business performance improvement, differentiated experiences, and technology integration – whilst aligning to the strategic direction and business strategy of an organization, understanding the forces driving change in the market, industry insights, and technology disruptions. Applying a research, envisioning, design-centric and market making approach that focuses on the organization’s unique business goals to surface innovative scenarios and solutions that will achieve them. 

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Read the infographic here.

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