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Small businesses are the backbone of innovation. Entrepreneurs empowered with raw creativity and brilliant ideas all start as small enterprises trying to make an impact on people and communities. Whether the end goal is to provide a service or deliver a product that changes the way we understand the world, small businesses are driven by the power to dream big. But big ideas and concepts rarely come to fruition without strong backing from investors.

Making your business stand out to investors takes more than just an exciting product. You need the right digital tools to grow your business in the most effective and efficient ways possible. This means having the best digital infrastructure to stay connected, share information, and keep data secure.

Staying Connected

Microsoft 365 is your one stop shop to staying connected to your work, employees, and business. Greater connection means more robust communication to get work done and channel your energy into developing that next innovative idea to grab the attention of investors.

Outlook and Exchange allow you to seamlessly connect employees through email and dynamic calendaring to set priorities and communicate tasks. No matter the size of your business, connection matters. Make sure you have the connective capabilities investors are looking for.

File Sharing and Storage

Agile connective capabilities are only the beginning. To uncover your business’s true innovative capacity, you need a network that supports sophisticated file sharing.

Collaboration is key to business development. Microsoft 365 provides your business network with advanced file sharing capabilities, so you can access the documents you need when and where you need them. This means when potential investors reach out, you are always ready to pull the data and files you need to show off your products and business operations when it counts.

Threat Protection

Connection capability is power. But when your data isn’t secure, that power is taken away. Protecting your data across company devices secures your ability to innovate at a high velocity and with peace of mind.

Sometimes attracting the right investors takes a little investment on your part as well. Investing in the right IT infrastructure to secure your data helps make sure the files you share both internally and externally are free from any corruption. Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 lets you share files across with protection from malware, viruses, spyware, and a host of other cyber threats.

Make sure you are attracting investors with the right business solutions. Harness the power of innovation by partnering with Microsoft and leverage the technology you need to grow your small business to deliver valuable products and services.

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