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It’s 7 AM and your flight just landed. You have one hour to get downtown for the quarterly revenue meeting with the Midwest region’s executive team.

In the cab, you log in to your data dashboard for an integrated view of sales, inventory, and customer service data. You’re able to identify and remove four products with high customer complaint and return rates. You also notice two new products are selling at a higher rate than anticipated. You order additional inventory and revise your US revenue calculations for next quarter based on the findings.

After a quick lunch, you head to a prospective client’s office. Before you arrive, you check inventory counts and confirm profit margins. Without complicated spreadsheets and tables, you’re able to quickly analyze which products are selling fastest and which offer the highest margins. Armed with this data, you close the deal, increasing your brand’s footprint in the region.

How do you accomplish all of this? With robust, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly data visualization software that allows you to connect and transform data that’s shareable with anyone.

Your business generates massive amounts of data every day. Compiling and analyzing that data can be complex and overwhelming. What if you had access to software that would help make data aggregation and report-creation easy and elegant, even with little to no prior BI experience?

That software exists, and you’re invited to come experience it for yourself. Join us for a December event, Visualizing, Analyzing, and Sharing Your Data Without Having to be a BI Expert, at the Microsoft Technology Center in a city near you. We know you’re busy, so this workshop moves you quickly into actionable insights. No sales speeches, no lengthy presentations, just a customized, hands-on experience with Microsoft Power BI to show you how to quickly connect your data sources and identify trends so you can make faster, data-driven decisions.

Don’t wait any longer to gain the competitive edge Power BI can give you. Register now for this hands-on event and see how easy it is to put valuable data at your fingertips. Spaces are limited, so save your seat today.