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Advocating for fairness and transparency in financial services AI 

Financial services institutions are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and augment their decisions. But when it comes to which AI algorithms to use, fairness and transparency must factor into the equation. Black box AI: a cautionary tale Some of the algorithms under heavy consideration today are called “black box” algorithms. While black box...Read more

Transforming small business: the top 4 emerging trends for SMB digital transformation in 2020 

2020 is a time of challenge and opportunity for small businesses who want to prioritize their digital transformation journeys. Fortunately, tools that weren’t seen as feasible for small businesses due to costs and resources are now becoming the norm for SMBs. While many small businesses already take advantage of solutions like cloud storage and collaboration...Read more

The art of implementing machine learning at scale 

Machine learning holds the promise of saving time and money while increasing accuracy and efficiency across a variety of business use cases – but there can be pitfalls on the road to implementation. Companies often find artificial intelligence projects surprisingly easy to launch but then deceptively difficult to scale, from both the tech and organization...Read more

Microsoft Allies with Alaska to Invest in Innovation 

Declining oil prices are creating challenges for their economy which derives 90% of its revenue from oil and natural resource production. The State has turned to Microsoft with a need to adapt education and workforce skilling, reduce costs, and streamline operations. The State of Alaska and Microsoft have formed a digital alliance to invest in...Read more

Diversity, inclusion, and Responsible AI are now the bedrock of bias prevention 

“Diversity expansion can then prevent bias. Only through education can organizations understand the critical need to hire a diverse talent base. It may not be possible to have what some call an “unbiased brain”, but it is possible to bring diverse brains to the table to help prevent it.” —Christian Thilmany, Director, AI Strategy, Microsoft Artificial...Read more

Bringing AI to Life in Financial Services 

Change is no easy task. As with most new technologies, AI adoption brings its share of cost and risk as enterprise leaders and department leads work together to build out their experience. Merely identifying an entry point has brought plenty of AI projects to a halt. Since early 2019, I’ve worked with dozens of IT...Read more

The companies leading with AI are also leading with skilling 

Companies today are focused on keeping employees safe while trying to still meet the essential needs of their customers. But we know from our conversations with our customers and partners throughout the United States that business leaders are also beginning to think about how best to adapt and drive recovery as we emerge from this crisis.    The business world is changing at an extraordinary pace. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently observed during our earnings announcement, “we’ve seen two...Read more

Innovating in a period of uncertainty 

As an on-going celebration of growth, innovation, and acceleration across the finance industry, this year’s  Money Management Institute Summit focused on The Value-Add Imperative — how financial service providers can go beyond their traditional services to positively impact the lives of their customers. In this time of COVID-19 Summit’s core goal of empowering attendees with...Read more