Leveraging the Microsoft Feedback Loop in the banking industry 

The Microsoft Digital Feedback Loop is about understanding how your captured data better serves your customers and removes analytical silos. In banking, the feedback loop can help you integrate data across your branch, including product offerings, customers, internal operations, and employees. Why the Microsoft Digital Feedback Loop? The current widespread business disruption is driven by Read more

Building smarter banking branches with digital twins 

If you’re looking to make your next move toward intelligent banking, here’s an innovation that can help you deliver a more personalized customer experience for your branch clients. A digital twin is a digital replica of physical space, the processes that happen there, and the people moving through that space. It is the instantiation of Read more

The ESG data conundrum and the SDG funding gap: what’s the path forward? 

The financial services industry worldwide recognizes sustainability as both risk and opportunity. With a real global need, growing regulatory pressures, a clear moral mission, and unstaunched innovation, sustainability is proven to be a massive growth play. The green bonds market is on a roar and banks are raising their sustainable finance objectives, while investors hunger for green assets over brown.   Yet we’re Read more

Rethinking anti-money laundering 

The traditional methods banks use to address Anti-Money Laundering (AML) have been failing for some time. Financial crimes and fraud, like Ponzi schemes, are slipping through the cracks because criminals, with enough time and patience, can seemingly find their way around any security measure. One of the central ways that regulators and institutions are cracking Read more

Executing with AI: Reverse Stress Testing using AI Example 

Financial institutions are finding it difficult to insert AI into their financial risk products at scale. Financial institutions have been hiring data scientists, acquiring technology, doing POCs, in short, playing around with AI.  While they understand it in theory, and may even put an AI project into production, getting it to run scale is another Read more