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Approaching re-entry: Preparing for what comes next with Power Platform 

  Financial institutions are aware of the need to keep markets moving, deals closing, and clients delighted, all while staying safe. Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams have provided secure, reliable, and scalable alternatives to relaying sensitive financial data to peers, clients and boards of executives. With Power Platform integrations into Teams, collaboration just got more...Read more

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the US insurance industry 

At a time when every aspect of life is being transformed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, compassion and collaboration have never been more essential to the success of families, communities, and businesses. How can we, as an insurance business community, best help one another and help our clients in these unprecedented times? It starts...Read more

Bringing AI to Life in Financial Services 

Change is no easy task. As with most new technologies, AI adoption brings its share of cost and risk as enterprise leaders and department leads work together to build out their experience. Merely identifying an entry point has brought plenty of AI projects to a halt. Since early 2019, I’ve worked with dozens of IT...Read more

Improving benefit access with Alluma 

For over twenty years, Alluma has used technology to help connect vulnerable families and individuals with the public services they need, including Medicaid, SNAP, EITC, and more. Now powered by Microsoft Azure, the organization’s new One-X-Connection solution and Quick Screener module merge data, technology, and policy to help applicants qualify quickly and anonymously while simplifying...Read more

Deliver intelligent supply chain to fulfill customer demand 

Consumers spent over $601B in online purchases in 2019. To increase agility and visibility, supply chain logistics operations are trending towards transparent relationships between warehouses, delivery operations, and online locations. The truth is that modern consumers expect that when they shop for a product, they want to have options for how they buy and receive them.  Transforming a supply chain into an...Read more

Washington governments respond to COVID-19 with Microsoft chatbots 

With the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirming the first U.S. reported case of coronavirus in Washington on Jan. 21, it’s not surprising that the Evergreen State was proactive in battling the fast-spreading illness. Microsoft’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic was equally swift in our home state, where we partnered with agencies on...Read more

Improving the customer experience with empowered RIAs 

Even before our current season, wealth management firms have relied more and more on the flexibility, localized knowledge, and self-motivated efforts of registered investment advisors (RIAs). These independent financial professionals bring a unique book of clients to larger houses in exchange for better marketing assets, technological capabilities, and even trade execution. The RIA focuses on...Read more

Microsoft shares perspectives on driving insight in insurance 

Leading insurers gather at Insurance AI and Innovative Virtual Tech Event  The insurance industry continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. What were once long-term development strategies have become more immediate action plans as carriers bring new digital solutions to more demanding policyholders. Insurers who need to stay competitive are seeking out thought leadership and technical innovation to help them keep pace with a change-driven market.  On May 27-28, 2020, at the Insurance AI and Innovative Virtual Tech event hosted by...Read more

#JulyOT – A month dedicated to learning and building IoT projects 

Attention all makers, students, tinkerers, hardware hackers, and professional IoT developers! The month of #JulyOT is here! To celebrate, we have curated a collection of blog posts, hands-on-labs, and videos designed to demonstrate and teach developers how to build projects with Azure Internet of things (IoT) services. This content ranges from video demonstrations of real-world...Read more

Transforming small business: the top 4 emerging trends for SMB digital transformation in 2020 

2020 is a time of challenge and opportunity for small businesses who want to prioritize their digital transformation journeys. Fortunately, tools that weren’t seen as feasible for small businesses due to costs and resources are now becoming the norm for SMBs. While many small businesses already take advantage of solutions like cloud storage and collaboration...Read more

How the Washington Department of Health used a self-service, interactive chatbot built on AI to keep the public educated 

The State of Washington had the unique distinction of reporting the first active COVID-19 infection in the United States. Accordingly, it was up to officials in the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to respond quickly and decisively with containment efforts. That meant ramping up support for the state’s medical infrastructure and providing accurate data...Read more