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Always-on customer engagement: It’s not just omnichannel anymore 

Customer experience is a big focus for businesses today. Customers have more choices than ever, and they are looking at value beyond the features of the product itself to the entire experience, including the evaluation, purchase, and post-purchase steps. The evolution of the customer experience means that customers expect to be able to reach your...Read more

From Idea to Value: A process for managing the data science lifecycle in the enterprise   

As we enter the new decade, one thing is clear: the explosive growth of data science and AI has made the effective application of them a critical differentiator for any enterprise. Despite the near-universal acknowledgement of this phenomenon and the major investments being made, many enterprises struggle to deliver sustained value on their data science...Read more

Establishing a smarter supply chain with artificial intelligence 

For decades, manufacturing decision makers have made inventory purchases based on experience. Yet, as global trends like sustainability and digitization force markets to evolve, that ability to estimate future need based instinct and education has become less reliable. Manufacturers worldwide are challenged to accommodate constantly shifting customer demands, before the customers even know what they...Read more

Simplifying Data and Machine Learning Pipeline with FHIR 

Heather Jordan Cartwright | GM, Microsoft Health Samir Manjure | Co-founder and CEO, KenSci Introducing the SMART on FHIR based Data and AI Accelerator  Today, via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, we’re excited to introduce the SMART on FHIR Data and AI Accelerator – an exciting new managed service offering from KenSci targeted to healthcare organizations. Through collaboration with Microsoft and cutting–edge FHIR capabilities in the cloud, the KenSci AI Accelerator simplifies the...Read more

The good and the bad of off-the-shelf AI 

AI solutions aren’t all that different from investments—there are plenty of options, discernable levels of risk, and ample room for growth in AI adoption, but every organization has a custom portfolio built for its specific needs. Building your own AI models isn’t for everyone. Every financial service copy has its own expertise, capabilities, and resources...Read more

Investment Bank of the Future: Keys for Embracing the Wave of Technology Disruption 

The turbines of the business machine are moving faster than ever in this new decade. There’s no denying that we live in a quick-turn, instant results, increasingly automated and personalized world. As the investment banking industry plugs into this world and hones a sharper focus on sustainable growth, its technology needs to be aligned to...Read more

Remaining Relevant: Integrating Non-traditional Data into Insurance Insights 

Every day, a typical connected customer interacts with hundreds of touchpoints across brands and industries, each activity or click flowing into an ever-expanding mountain of data. Some of these brands are learning to use that data to understand their customers. And, they’re doing such a good job of delivering custom–tailored experiences, that customers have come to expect that level of service and are turned off by those that don’t...Read more

Connected Field Service in Oil & Gas and the Workflow of the Future 

In 2018, the U.S. became a net exporter of oil and refined products, producing 12.5 million barrels per day as of October 2019 due to onshore exploration and production companies. While new finds are still an important part of the business, in recent years the industry has shifted its focus to breaking down silos and...Read more

The most critical decision in building out enterprise AI: Build in-house or bring in a vendor 

From smart homes to robust intelligent edge ecosystems, AI is one of the hottest topics in tech and society as we embrace the new decade. While consumers are debating the benefits of one smart light bulb versus another, financial service companies are planning, adapting, and debating just how they can use artificial intelligence to empower...Read more

5 Insurance Takeaways from Microsoft’s Fall Events 

Microsoft’s Focus on Insurance on Full Display at InsureTech Connect By providing the essential technologies that enable insurers to deliver higher levels of customer service and achieve more, Microsoft continues to establish itself as a major player in the insurance industry. This fall, Microsoft was a proud gold-level sponsor at InsureTech Connect, one of the...Read more