3 strategies every SMB CFO can implement to create value 

The challenges of the past year have reinforced the importance for CFOs and other finance leaders of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to balance business execution in the present while investing in capabilities for the future. Historically, finance has focused on strategies that protect value. Since CFOs and other finance leaders often sit at the center of the decision-making conversations, these individuals are in a unique position to create business Read more

How businesses can rapidly adapt their existing processes and operations 

As businesses prepare themselves for what lies ahead in uncertain times of a long pandemic, small and mid-sized businesses, in particular, are walking a thin line between ensuring the financial health of their company and the literal health of their workers. The spikes in COVID-19 during this last quarter of 2020 emphasize just how diligently Read more

Transforming small business: the top 4 emerging trends for SMB digital transformation in 2020 

2020 is a time of challenge and opportunity for small businesses who want to prioritize their digital transformation journeys. Fortunately, tools that weren’t seen as feasible for small businesses due to costs and resources are now becoming the norm for SMBs. While many small businesses already take advantage of solutions like cloud storage and collaboration Read more