FHIR Interoperability: The Next Step to True Health Data Liquidity 

Achieving data liquidity in the healthcare industry has been a goal for more than 50 years, or since the first digitization of health information. This concept means that restricted health data is accessible to any authorized user on demand once it’s been entered into any system of record.  So why are will still discussing the promise of data liquidity in the context of interoperability today? And further, why are we Read more

Consolidate and Automate: How health payors can create a more efficient future in the cloud 

The Microsoft team is increasingly focused on tailoring solutions for the healthcare industry, as evidenced by our recent announcement of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. This dedication includes creating solutions that make it easier for healthcare payors to run their business efficiently and deliver high-quality experiences to members.  The migration of software solutions to the cloud represents more than just a Read more