The good and the bad of off-the-shelf AI 

AI solutions aren’t all that different from investments—there are plenty of options, discernable levels of risk, and ample room for growth in AI adoption, but every organization has a custom portfolio built for its specific needs. Building your own AI models isn’t for everyone. Every financial service copy has its own expertise, capabilities, and resources Read more

Build or Buy, the Value of Critical AI Partnerships 

If you’ve been keeping up with our AI Build or Buy series, you’ll notice that finding the right partnerships is at the core of each decision. The right AI partner serves an essential role of any finance technology strategy. They bring a level of expertise and dedication to the company’s data science needs that is Read more

The most critical decision in building out enterprise AI: Build in-house or bring in a vendor 

From smart homes to robust intelligent edge ecosystems, AI is one of the hottest topics in tech and society as we embrace the new decade. While consumers are debating the benefits of one smart light bulb versus another, financial service companies are planning, adapting, and debating just how they can use artificial intelligence to empower Read more