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Microsoft in Business Blogs


How MACOM’s next-generation technology enablement starts in house 

Coming on board as MACOM’s new Chief Information Officer, Pranab Sinha was tasked with reimagining IT across the global enterprise. Examining the 65-year semiconductor company’s history, next-generation technologies, processes, platforms and employees, Sinha decided it was time for MACOM’s already innovative organization to experience its own digital transformation. After evaluating all possible partnership options, he...Read more

How Zelis Healthcare is using Azure to control the rising cost of healthcare 

Today, Americans spend more than $3 trillion on healthcare annually. This cost continues to increase and shows no signs of stopping. Zelis Healthcare, a healthcare technology company and market-leading provider of integrated healthcare cost management and payments solutions, is helping to reduce overall healthcare spending by $1 trillion. The majority of healthcare costs stem from...Read more