COVID-19 and the new patient experience 

Today, everyone is digging out from the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In doing so, we’re collectively defining a new order for how health and medical services will look and operate going forward.  This effort is not without its challenges. In the United States, hospital operating margins are down 96 percent since the start of the year. Most hospitals run on razor-thin Read more

Creating personalized customer experiences through intelligent retail 

Ten or twenty years ago, the future of retail was online shopping. Today, it is building seamless connections between physical locations and online stores so that customers can easily shop, order goods, or pick–up items from a store or curbside service. Quarantines and social distancing only highlight the importance of building retail operations that start and end with the customer, online and off.   That is why competitive organizations are turning to “intelligent retail,” where machine Read more

Always-on Customer Engagement: Call centers and agents play a critical role 

Companies are putting great emphasis on digital or self-service contact channels. The economics of self-service are undoubtedly compelling: Whereas live support channels cost dollars, self-service channels, by contrast, cost pennies per interaction. Also, self-service channels are improving quickly. With the introduction of intelligent chat bots and other AI-inspired innovations, these channels can handle many more types of transactions than was possible even a few years ago.   However, Read more

The people’s champion: how wealth management firms can win the battle for client trust 

COVID-19 has been a strain on everyone. We’ve all navigated social isolation, uncertain investment projections, and remote work environments to various degrees, but regardless of the experience, this time away has left a haze over individuals and organizations alike. We’re not just unsure what comes next, we’re questioning the very processes we’ve accepted to this Read more

Always-on customer engagement: customers marching to their own drummers 

It’s a great time to be a customer. Often, companies are finding that they are at product parity with their competitors and thus look to service to be the differentiator. When Allstate introduced accident forgiveness for their auto insurance products, it wasn’t too long before competitors followed suit. Thus, companies are looking to elevate customer Read more

Improving benefit access with Alluma 

For over twenty years, Alluma has used technology to help connect vulnerable families and individuals with the public services they need, including Medicaid, SNAP, EITC, and more. Now powered by Microsoft Azure, the organization’s new One-X-Connection solution and Quick Screener module merge data, technology, and policy to help applicants qualify quickly and anonymously while simplifying Read more

Improving the customer experience with empowered RIAs 

Even before our current season, wealth management firms have relied more and more on the flexibility, localized knowledge, and self-motivated efforts of registered investment advisors (RIAs). These independent financial professionals bring a unique book of clients to larger houses in exchange for better marketing assets, technological capabilities, and even trade execution. The RIA focuses on Read more

How the Washington Department of Health used a self-service, interactive chatbot built on AI to keep the public educated 

The State of Washington had the unique distinction of reporting the first active COVID-19 infection in the United States. Accordingly, it was up to officials in the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to respond quickly and decisively with containment efforts. That meant ramping up support for the state’s medical infrastructure and providing accurate data Read more

Customer intimacy at a distance 

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker defined intimacy as follows: “Intimacy means deeply knowing another person and feeling deeply known.”1 We may not be able to precisely define intimacy, but it’s a feeling we know when we experience it.   With the backdrop of human intimacy, what is customer intimacy? Ashley Greene defined customer intimacy as “a measure of your awareness of — and alignment with — your customers’ needs Read more

Getting to Zero: Cloud-Based Customer Care Solutions 

Large-scale healthcare issues require solutions that connect patients to doctors and healthcare workers while providing insights that can save lives. Healthcare officials use data to treat patients and mitigate pervasive diseases while serving the widest range of patients possible. I recently spoke with Tyler Fisher of the Utah Ryan White Part B Program regarding their Read more

Always-on customer engagement: It’s not just omnichannel anymore 

Customer experience is a big focus for businesses today. Customers have more choices than ever, and they are looking at value beyond the features of the product itself to the entire experience, including the evaluation, purchase, and post-purchase steps. The evolution of the customer experience means that customers expect to be able to reach your Read more