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Customer intimacy at a distance 

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker defined intimacy as follows: “Intimacy means deeply knowing another person and feeling deeply known.”1 We may not be able to precisely define intimacy, but it’s a feeling we know when we experience it.   With the backdrop of human intimacy, what is customer intimacy? Ashley Greene defined customer intimacy as “a measure of your awareness of — and alignment with — your customers’ needs...Read more

Business resiliency and elastic infrastructure in financial institutions 

Business resiliency and elastic infrastructure in FIs           The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be felt by financial institutions (FIs) around the world. Operational challenges resulting from increased demand for certain services, social distancing and remote work are pushing resiliency plans to their limits. While many institutions have responded quickly to protect their...Read more

Innovating in a period of uncertainty 

As an on-going celebration of growth, innovation, and acceleration across the finance industry, this year’s  Money Management Institute Summit focused on The Value-Add Imperative — how financial service providers can go beyond their traditional services to positively impact the lives of their customers. In this time of COVID-19 Summit’s core goal of empowering attendees with...Read more

Measuring your way to failure: Thinking beyond your model metrics before deployment 

Companies across the Financial Sector are using AI and Machine Learning to model customer behaviors, avoid risk, and streamline critical business processes. Consequently, building and testing Machine Learning models has become an important discipline for many financial institutions. Traditionally, the success of Machine Learning models, and often AI algorithms, is measured by key metrics that...Read more

Maintaining performance and productivity with Power Platform 

Whether they’re self-selected, HR mandated, passed on by old leadership or insisted on by the CIO, the tools we use every day shape our productivity. As financial service firms big and small actively search for balance in a COVID-19 environment, it’s become more important than ever that those resources are accessible, integrated, and cloud-connected if...Read more

Call Center Virtualization – 5 Critical Guidelines Insurance Execs May Miss 

Many insurers are realizing a need for transitioning their call centers to operate under remote work models.  The technological challenges associated with this type of undertaking are compounded by the need to drive those workloads under compressed timelines.   Fortunately, this evolution can be managed quickly and with the equivalent security, agent experience, and customer experience...Read more

Securing AI and ML projects: Data and cyber risk management 

As Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning continue to cement themselves as foundational resources for growth and transformation across the financial services industry, organizations must account for the added influx of data flooding into their enterprises. Every data science achievement must also account for how we secure and protect that data, making embedded data security risk management a far more pronounced need...Read more

Maintaining the customer/agent experience under a remote model 

Current events and related government mandates have created sudden and transformative changes for insurance carriers, their agents, and their customers. The resulting transition to remote work environments has disrupted traditional agent-customer interactions.  How can customers and their agents continue to interact effectively, despite these challenges? As we know, many agents have long been conducting remote customer meetings over the phone and by email. However,...Read more

Always-on customer engagement: It’s not just omnichannel anymore 

Customer experience is a big focus for businesses today. Customers have more choices than ever, and they are looking at value beyond the features of the product itself to the entire experience, including the evaluation, purchase, and post-purchase steps. The evolution of the customer experience means that customers expect to be able to reach your...Read more

From Idea to Value: A process for managing the data science lifecycle in the enterprise   

As we enter the new decade, one thing is clear: the explosive growth of data science and AI has made the effective application of them a critical differentiator for any enterprise. Despite the near-universal acknowledgement of this phenomenon and the major investments being made, many enterprises struggle to deliver sustained value on their data science...Read more

The good and the bad of off-the-shelf AI 

AI solutions aren’t all that different from investments—there are plenty of options, discernable levels of risk, and ample room for growth in AI adoption, but every organization has a custom portfolio built for its specific needs. Building your own AI models isn’t for everyone. Every financial service copy has its own expertise, capabilities, and resources...Read more