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Corporate performance improvement aligns with ESG metric tracking 

More and more, businesses are recognizing that incorporating Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance, or ESG, into their products and services directly correlates to financial results. Doing good is no longer at the expense of doing well. For both stakeholders and customers, ESG represents another point in their decision making. As allocators of capital, financial services...Read more

Raise your voice: Empowering Hispanic and Latinx Finance Professionals 

This embed requires accepting cookies from the embed’s site to view the embed. Activate the link to accept cookies and view the embedded content. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The Hispanic and Latinx community in the United States has increased its strength over...Read more

Risk modeling in insurance: extending capabilities beyond cloud computing 

There have been many articles written about how supercomputing in the cloud aids in performing compute tasks faster and more cost-effectively. However, with this new capability, both business and IT decision makers are now focusing more on how to manage the much larger volumes of produced data. More model runs and more granular results have...Read more

End-user computing: A problem everyone has but nobody wants to own 

You may have recently noticed a number of high-profile articles around governance and risk issues with banks. In talking to my large global enterprise customers in financial services, I am hearing more and more about regulators and internal risk teams requiring mitigation of risks related to data quality, data integrity, and lack of robust controls...Read more

Returning to the workplace: a human-centric approach to building resilient financial services 

This year, every financial services organization has confronted the importance of resilience. In the context of a crisis, we think of resilience as enabling survival. But from a wider perspective, resilience is about easily meeting the future demands of customers. The first article in this series discussed the importance of resilience, which is receiving renewed...Read more

Leveraging the Microsoft Feedback Loop in the banking industry 

The Microsoft Digital Feedback Loop is about understanding how your captured data better serves your customers and removes analytical silos. In banking, the feedback loop can help you integrate data across your branch, including product offerings, customers, internal operations, and employees. Why the Microsoft Digital Feedback Loop? The current widespread business disruption is driven by...Read more

ESG in capital markets: two sides of the same coin 

I’ve noticed something over the past few months. Whenever I’m in a virtual room that is full of people from a capital markets firm and I mention ESG (or, environmental, social, and governance) their ears perk up. They sit forward in their chairs and are more engaged. There’s something new and interesting about the way...Read more

Secure asset management: A new perspective on the cloud post COVID-19 

Last month, I participated in a fireside chat at the Managed Funds Association (MFA) Data Conference with my colleague, Mike Triolo, Head of Cloud and Transformation within Microsoft’s financial services business, to discuss our perspectives on the cloud post COVID-19. After nearly 30 years on Wall Street, I’ve witnessed how technology has impacted every part...Read more

Building smarter banking branches with digital twins 

If you’re looking to make your next move toward intelligent banking, here’s an innovation that can help you deliver a more personalized customer experience for your branch clients. A digital twin is a digital replica of physical space, the processes that happen there, and the people moving through that space. It is the instantiation of...Read more

Always-on customer engagement: Better perspectives lead to better insights 

Have you ever thought about what makes a leader different from a manager? Is it skills and experience? Expertise? Natural talent? Think about it this way. Loggers in a forest are working away at their task of felling trees and trying to find the best way forward to clear out their allotted space effectively and...Read more

Empowering women in financial services: Real leaders share real experiences 

Business operations have transformed tremendously over the course of 2020. Leaders across all industries, including financial services, have evolved how they communicate, collaborate, problem solve, and lead teams in a remote and hybrid work culture. And today, many of those leaders shepherding financial services companies through challenging times of change are women. A study by Oliver Wyman found that women now make up 20% of executive committees and 23% of boards at major financial institutions1.  Watch the Empowering...Read more

How Microsoft helps insurers thrive during challenging times 

In the lead-up to 2020, insurers were showing great staying power as they rode out an unsettled economy. But with the onset of COVID-19, that turbulence has only gotten more intense. Claims are becoming more frequent and more severe as catastrophic events happen at an increasing rate. Regulatory requirements are changing, and it’s become more...Read more