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Microsoft in Business Blogs

5 Insurance Takeaways from Microsoft’s Fall Events 

Dan Rouse | Financial Services- Insurance Marketing Manager Microsoft’s Focus on Insurance on Full Display at InsureTech Connect By providing the essential technologies that enable insurers to deliver higher levels of customer service and achieve more, Microsoft continues to establish itself as a major player in the insurance industry. This fall, Microsoft was a proud...Read more

What’s Next for AI in Financial Services in 2020? The 5 Top Trends 

Follow Pascal Belaud on LinkedIn Right now, banking, capital markets, and insurance businesses are finding new uses for artificial intelligence. AI is helping to transform and keep ahead of a number of critical vectors, including customer experience, regulatory compliance, new markets and business models, and security. It’s no longer a “nice to have” innovation technology, it’s becoming a CX-level imperative. In...Read more

How insurers use data to enhance the customer experience 

Customers want to be catered to. The ability to differentiate the customer experience between touchpoints and provide personalized interactions at each stage is critical for insurers aiming to branch into the digital space. Modern customers are not just contacting insurance providers through their local agent or a single digital touch point—their journey weaves through a series of...Read more

CAT Compliance with Microsoft and Cloudreach 

Ruchi Nanda | Industry Solutions Manager, Financial Services On May 6, 2010, the United States stock market collapsed.  In 5 minutes, the Dow dropped 600 points and investors, brokers, economists, and the SEC briefly panicked. Twenty minutes later, the market recovered and pulses slowed, but the impact of the Flash Crash was long-lasting. Nearly a decade later, experts remain unsure of what caused...Read more

Powering your finance modernization with citizen data scientists and digital upskilling 

Bob Woods | Finance Transformation Leader and Seattle Office Managing Partner, PwC Digital transformation is bringing both rapid innovation and drastic changes to the core functions of chief financial officers. When CFOs don’t adapt to these new technologies, they can’t proactively manage new opportunities including evolving workforce expectations and growing data capabilities. Forward-thinking CFOs leverage...Read more

How a mindset shift transformed our finance department 

When culture and technology align, transformative things can happen. By shifting its mindset to embrace the cloud-based digital tools of modern finance, Microsoft’s finance department has been able to optimize internal operations and drive business partners to action. Adopting the tools and techniques of modern finance can increase productivity, impact, and influence for your own...Read more

Rebranding the finance team 

2019 is the year of the rebrand with Forrester predicting that more businesses will start to focus on emotionally resonant and useful customer experiences...Read more