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You might be surprised to hear an auditor embrace the advice, “Disrupt or be disrupted.” The auditing business is highly regulated worldwide and an auditor’s role in the business ecosystem is to provide stability and transparency. Disruption isn’t an idea the industry takes lightly. But for Tom Duffy, COO of KPMG’s Global Audit Practice, getting ahead of the digital curve has allowed him to lead his company in bringing more transparency to the auditing process, ushering in more diversity in thinking, new perspectives, and insight into problem-solving.  

Watch Duffy’s conversation with Dennis Williams to learn why he thinks “the technology advances of the next five years will probably make the last 30 pale by comparison.”

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Learning From Leaders is our series of in-depth conversations with executives at firms who are facing the challenges of the digital age head-on. Each episode features insight from leaders whose clear vision of the future is guiding them to a path of embracing change, made possible by a mindset of continual learning.
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