Publications from the Atlantic to the Wall Street Journal have explored productivity, offering tips, tricks and solutions for transforming everything from your work day to your entire company. It’s a proven concept: the more engaged, communicative, and collaborative an organization is, the greater its productivity. And that translates to a stronger bottom line.

Countless statistics and surveys have documented the impact of enhanced productivity upon an organization. The McKinsey Global Institute reports that productivity improves by up to 25% in organizations where employees are connected.1 And according to a Gallup poll, disengaged employees cost the US more than $500 billion each year in lost productivity.2 With numbers like these, it’s no wonder SMBs and enterprise companies alike are focused on improving processes.

Consistent productivity requires a few necessities:

Real-time accessToday’s businesses are flexible, proactive, and predictive—a model that allows professionals 24/7 access to the technology and resources they need in order to work when, where, and how they are most productive. Ensuring that every department has access to the same files and information leads to fewer redundancies and better overall efficiency.

Communication and collaborationWhen employees are able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, productivity soars. This is especially important among the untethered workforce. In fact, for these workers, communication is more important than ever, according to Forbes.3 With the right tools, employers can empower their teams to complete tasks seamlessly, reach measurable objectives more quickly, create stronger customer experiences, and drive higher sales volume.

Business intelligenceThe sheer amount of data available to collect and analyze means companies can innovate faster. Modern technology can sift through countless amounts of data, pulling the most relevant information to recognize trends, identify issues before they become serious problems, and enable smarter, faster decision-making. Imagine having a team of engaged, connected professionals with the tools to achieve their greatest potential. Technology is leveling the playing field and creating stiff competition among companies of all shapes and sizes.

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