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3 strategies every SMB CFO can implement to create value 

The challenges of the past year have reinforced the importance for CFOs and other finance leaders of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to balance business execution in the present while investing in capabilities for the future. Historically, finance has focused on strategies that protect value. Since CFOs and other finance leaders often sit at the center of the decision-making conversations, these individuals are in a unique position to create business...Read more

The four new marketing superpowers to master now 

Marketing leaders today have the power to understand and shape the customer journey in a way that was unimaginable only a few years ago. A customer experience that is more holistic than ever before is now possible. Cloud-based tools, applied wisely, have helped the marketing function move beyond product promotion to being a central strategy...Read more

How the cloud helps build resilience: clearing up misconceptions about the costs and risks 

Customers who are still running on-premises infrastructure don’t always understand how a cloud strategy can make significant contributions to organizational resilience. In fact, they often come with misconceptions about efficiency, security, and cost, and they conclude that the cloud actually undermines resilience. One might call these myths, but I believe they arise from a lack...Read more

How to build business agility and resilience using data 

To some extent, the term resilience has become 2020 shorthand for “surviving a global pandemic.” But as technical professionals know well, the goal of resilience long predates the cataclysms we’ve faced this year. As Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure, states: “Resilience is the ability of a system to fail gracefully in the face of—and eventually...Read more

Raise your voice: Empowering Hispanic and Latinx Finance Professionals 

This embed requires accepting cookies from the embed’s site to view the embed. Activate the link to accept cookies and view the embedded content. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The Hispanic and Latinx community in the United States has increased its strength over...Read more

Optimizing facility management with Smart Buildings Solutions 

For most organizations, growth is always at the forefront. The pursuit of new service lines, new customers, and new regions motivates business leaders to adopt bigger office spaces, expanded retail locations, and additional franchises. While these aspirations drive each company to bolder aspirations, they do so with a cost. Real estate and facilities management alone...Read more

Build a resilient IT operation: modern device management and zero-touch deployment 

Has your organization had to flip the switch on remote productivity this year? Read the post on Windows Virtual Desktop and Surface to learn about the benefits of using a virtual desktop solution to help scale and meet the demands of an evolving workforce under changing conditions. Let’s step back a bit and explore the concept of modern endpoint management...Read more

How businesses can rapidly adapt their existing processes and operations 

As businesses prepare themselves for what lies ahead in uncertain times of a long pandemic, small and mid-sized businesses, in particular, are walking a thin line between ensuring the financial health of their company and the literal health of their workers. The spikes in COVID-19 during this last quarter of 2020 emphasize just how diligently...Read more

Returning employees to the workplace safely and confidently: A structured approach 

As businesses begin the process of both returning employees to their physical workplaces and welcoming customers back into physical spaces, what needs to be true for that to happen safely? Just as every individual and company has been affected differently by COVID-19, every return will look different. Whether it’s people returning to desks or going...Read more

What today’s finance leaders already know about resiliency 

2020 has been a year of adaptation. From February to today, finance organizations worldwide have been forced to revisit their operations, investments, and ideals to still the tide of COVID-19. This season has not been an easy one. Companies of all sizes have seen drastic shifts in sales volumes resulting in significant challenges to companies...Read more

Connected Field Service in Oil & Gas and the Workflow of the Future 

In 2018, the U.S. became a net exporter of oil and refined products, producing 12.5 million barrels per day as of October 2019 due to onshore exploration and production companies. While new finds are still an important part of the business, in recent years the industry has shifted its focus to breaking down silos and...Read more