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Social media can have a positive influence on your brand and your product. It can also drive a stronger bottom line. Case in point: loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones.1 Customer relationships that lead to loyalty and trust are the foundation of a brand’s success. At Microsoft, the Customer Experience Center (CXC) is dedicated to building deeper customer relationships. From Skype to Xbox, Microsoft’s CXC supports 30 brands in four core ways:


Every day on social media platforms, conversations are happening around your brand. Whether you’re there to hear them or not, consumers are sharing their opinions and experiences, asking questions, and developing opinions about your company and its offerings. Listening empowers brands to create relevant content that resonates with audiences, analyze brand sentiments to gauge emotional reactions to your brand, and identify new markets and opportunities.


Listening is the first step in engaging with your audience. Once you’ve listened in on conversations, and hear how your audience is talking about your brand, it’s time to engage. Proactively targeting customers creates excitement around your brand. One on one conversations break through the noise and work to build loyalty and trust.

Paid Media

Paid media helps build the reach of your other social media efforts and get your brand in front of a more consumers and target the right audiences. Promoted tweets, sponsored ads, and influencer marketing are all types of paid media. Supplementing engagement with paid media is a must for a truly integrated approach to social media and a better customer experience.


The only way to find out what your audience really wants to know is by listening to them and engaging with them where they are. Making time to listen to those voices, understand their thoughts and concerns, and answer their questions not only helps you better understand your audience’s needs and wants, but it allows you to develop content that is relevant to them.

We’ve taken the insights from our own CXC and packaged them into valuable resources that you can use to create your own organization’s customer experience center. Take a look behind the scenes to find out how you can create deeper relationships with your customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

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