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Improving benefit access with Alluma 

For over twenty years, Alluma has used technology to help connect vulnerable families and individuals with the public services they need, including Medicaid, SNAP, EITC, and more. Now powered by Microsoft Azure, the organization’s new One-X-Connection solution and Quick Screener module merge data, technology, and policy to help applicants qualify quickly and anonymously while simplifying...Read more

Washington governments respond to COVID-19 with Microsoft chatbots 

With the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirming the first U.S. reported case of coronavirus in Washington on Jan. 21, it’s not surprising that the Evergreen State was proactive in battling the fast-spreading illness. Microsoft’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic was equally swift in our home state, where we partnered with agencies on...Read more

Getting to Zero: Cloud-Based Customer Care Solutions 

Large-scale healthcare issues require solutions that connect patients to doctors and healthcare workers while providing insights that can save lives. Healthcare officials use data to treat patients and mitigate pervasive diseases while serving the widest range of patients possible. I recently spoke with Tyler Fisher of the Utah Ryan White Part B Program regarding their...Read more

Delivering impactful enterprise AI today 

As I work with customers across the US, I hear that many find the “promise of AI” to be somewhat overwhelming, with a variety of questions about where to start. In reality, the majority of SaaS offerings that we offer at Microsoft already include some AI capabilities, and the Azure platform has a wide variety of options available to analyze images, comprehend speech, interact with data in natural ways, and...Read more

Agility, Leadership and Continuity for State & Local Government 

This embed requires accepting cookies from the embed’s site to view the embed. Activate the link to accept cookies and view the embedded content. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. It would be an understatement to say that the COVID-19...Read more

Accelerating Government’s Mission-Focused Outcomes: Microsoft Azure Accredited to Host US Secret Classified Government Data 

Today, more than ever, we recognize the need for secure technology that can support our government leaders in responding quickly, and with agility, to rapid changes in the global landscape. At Microsoft we are committed to developing solutions that enable our government stakeholders to capitalize on opportunities at the accelerated pace required to deliver modern...Read more

Transforming veteran health care with HoloLens 2 

  The Microsoft team is excited to be part of the Project Convergence public-private partnership that’s establishing the nation’s first 5G-enabled hospital at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Collaborating with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Medivis and Verizon will not only result in 5G-based innovations, it will create unprecedented opportunities to improve...Read more

Legal case management takes a leap forward 

Two years ago, my colleague Kevin Briggs wrote about modernization efforts going on across government legal organizations. While some progress has been made since then, the demand for improvement continues to grow. This demand is driven by the public’s expectation of certain standards of service from their government agencies, as well as government leaders’ prioritization...Read more

Correspondence Management in Government — Technical Capability and Approach 

Correspondence is no minor matter for government agencies, which routinely receive volumes of correspondence every year from many different channels, both in electronic form and physical mail. Responses are often required within a certain amount of time because of agency guidelines, congressional guidelines, or legal requirements. In order to keep pace with modern standards, government...Read more

Correspondence Management in Government — Destination Modern and Agile 

For government agencies, the Executive Secretariat (“ExecSec”) office is a focal point in tracking all correspondence, documents, and actions flowing between offices within an agency. The ExecSec office supports decision-making processes, ensuring efficient and effective flow of communications, including correspondence with the executive branch of government and other federal, state, and local agencies. Other offices...Read more