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Unifying your data for resilience to a changing world 

Digital Transformation is about understanding your industry, thinking about the future of your company, and owning your path as a digital company. Consolidating your data across the geographical diversity of your offices, workforce, and disparate data management platforms can be critical in your digital transformation journey. We talked to BrightSpring Health Services, one of the...Read more

A new age in healthcare: How information technology can produce better patient outcomes and boost health worker motivation 

Clifford Goldsmith | B.Sc., MBBCh (MD), US Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft   I am proud to count myself among the cadre of physicians who incorporate healthcare informatics in their medical practice. We may have downsized our clinical practices, but we remain as strongly committed to the principles of the Hippocratic Oath as we were when we took the oath in medical school. Our priority has been and...Read more

2021 Outlook: the Future of Life Sciences Customer Experiences 

Research from a large-scale survey of more than 1,000 senior pharma professionals highlights the divide between digitally adept companies and those that have been slow to adopt technologies. In this blog, we look at how the customer experience is changing due to COVID-19 for life sciences organizations.  Historically, pharma has lagged behind other industries in adopting digital solutions. With COVID-19 catapulting both the sector and...Read more

Commitment to compliance in pharma and life sciences 

Over a year has gone by since the beginning of the global pandemic, and it’s clear that the pharmaceutical industry and COVID-19 vaccines are at the center of everyone’s attention. Calls for quick and rigorous development of a COVID-19 vaccine have given way to the equally important demand for rapid distribution. Because of this unprecedented...Read more

Microsoft and Mazik Global: Partnering to Turn Vaccines into Vaccinations 

As COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more widely available, Microsoft is working intently with partners such as Mazik Global to help state and local governments deploy vaccine management solutions that meet their unique and ever evolving needs. I recently sat down with Mohammed Asif, Corporate Vice President and Peter Lane, Vice President of Client Engagement at Mazik Global to discuss...Read more

The short and long view of how AI is changing health 

While AI is driving value in all aspects of our lives, there are times where it’s hard to separate  the aspirations of those who want to use it to do good from those leveraging AI today to positively impact real change in health and medicine. I have the privilege of working with many talented leaders and organizations that are truly making...Read more

Changing the way the world views Down syndrome 

When I was a junior at Greensburg Central High School in Western Pennsylvania, I volunteered for the Special Olympics. Roger, the athlete I was partnered with, made such an impression on me because of his complete and utter joy in participating in various sports events. I returned my senior year and again had the pleasure...Read more

Reimagining the digital front door for healthcare 

Over the past year, my colleagues and I have seen a steady uptick in healthcare organizations requesting in-depth discussions on how to further develop their digital front door capabilites. One high-interest topic has been establishing a branded conversational bot (chatbot) that can facilitate frictionless experiences across all digital channels and throughout the engagement journey. Helping customers with the next steps in the process is dependent on the completeness of their digital strategy, their goals...Read more

Empowering the new normal for clinical trials 

Clinical trials are a critical element in bringing new drugs to the market, and successful trials can bring hope to people in need of treatment. Unfortunately, when the COVID‑19 pandemic took hold in the US, it caused a major disruption in non-COVID‑19 vaccine trials that were planned or ongoing. The result is an impact on healthcare...Read more

Andor Health brings AI and clinical capabilities to Microsoft Teams 

As 2020 slips into our collective rearview mirror, there is little doubt that the COVID‑19 pandemic had a major impact on virtual healthcare adoption by both consumers and healthcare organizations. At the onset of the pandemic, Microsoft healthcare customers quickly used their existing investments in Microsoft Teams to deliver virtual visits (clinician to remote patient) and...Read more

FHIR Interoperability: The Next Step to True Health Data Liquidity 

Achieving data liquidity in the healthcare industry has been a goal for more than 50 years, or since the first digitization of health information. This concept means that restricted health data is accessible to any authorized user on demand once it’s been entered into any system of record.  So why are will still discussing the promise of data liquidity in the context of interoperability today? And further, why are we...Read more

Compelling new “realities” impacting healthcare 

The year 2020 and the global COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated technology solutions that make “virtual” the new reality. Most scenarios include using platforms like Teams or Zoom for: “Virtual work” to connect remote workers and customers in collaborative online sessions for business. “Virtual education” to connect students and teachers for distant learning and study groups....Read more