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Powering your finance modernization with citizen data scientists and digital upskilling 

Bob Woods | Finance Transformation Leader and Seattle Office Managing Partner, PwC Digital transformation is bringing both rapid innovation and drastic changes to the core functions of chief financial officers. When CFOs don’t adapt to these new technologies, they can’t proactively manage new opportunities including evolving workforce expectations and growing data capabilities. Forward-thinking CFOs leverage...Read more

Realizing AI strategy with a problem-first approach 

Jomit Vaghela | Cloud Solution Architect, US EC Industry, Microsoft In collaboration with the National Association of Manufacturers In my earlier post, I discussed basics of machine learning (ML) and techniques that can drive powerful outcomes for manufacturers. Now, let’s discuss the approach for realizing those outcomes. I start every ML discussion with two questions:...Read more

A conversation on transforming manufacturing and IIoT, Learning From Leaders, Episode 4 

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The age of intelligent manufacturing is here and innovators are leading the pack by digitally transforming their organizations. In this latest episode of Learning from Leaders, Tessa Myers, Regional President of Rockwell Automation for...Read more

How to build a marketing services platform: learnings from our Microsoft journey 

The exciting frontier of modern marketing calls for fast-paced execution, innovation, and return on investment, while still maintaining privacy, accessibility, and legal compliance. To deliver on that broad promise, most successful CMOs choose to invest in technology platforms to support marketing operations and automation. According to Gartner, marketing technology represents 33% of the average marketing...Read more

Four ways the modern CHRO role is changing 

Chief human resources officers are being pressed like never before to rewrite the rules for how they recruit, develop, and engage the 21st-century workforce while simultaneously aligning talent strategy with business goals. Microsoft was excited to attend the ​ SHRM 2019 Annual Conference and Exposition and see first-hand how HR leaders are making it easier to collaborate across teams and to manage and retain talent.  Here are a few points about the changing nature of the HR industry and the role of the CHRO that stood out at...Read more

Reflecting on Microsoft’s Oil & Gas Leadership Summit 

On Tuesday, Microsoft hosted the inaugural Oil and Gas Leadership Summit in Houston, Texas. We were honored to have distinguished guests from EY, EgonZehnder, Chesapeake Energy, and the McChrystal Group join us. Digitization is transforming the oil and gas industry. The opportunity for top line growth and operating profit expansion is breathtaking, and the future...Read more

Exploring leadership in the digital age, Learning From Leaders, Episode 1 

By: Katie Martell | Unapologetic Truth- Teller and Marketing Consultant I have a reputation for being an “unapologetic truth-teller” in the world of business, and the truth of our digital age is that change is the only constant. From marketing to finance, human resources to engineering, each function is redefining its norms to keep pace...Read more

How a mindset shift transformed our finance department 

When culture and technology align, transformative things can happen. By shifting its mindset to embrace the cloud-based digital tools of modern finance, Microsoft’s finance department has been able to optimize internal operations and drive business partners to action. Adopting the tools and techniques of modern finance can increase productivity, impact, and influence for your own...Read more