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Join the Livestream to Learn About DevOps Integrations and Security in Azure 

What is Azure DevOps? Azure helps developers and IT professionals streamline DevOps application workflows so that they can build better software for their customers over iterative timescales. This includes tools for full project visibility for team members, full-stack monitoring and alerts, multiple delivery pipelines, and automated development and testing capabilities through Visual Studio and GitHub....Read more

Innovating in a period of uncertainty 

As an on-going celebration of growth, innovation, and acceleration across the finance industry, this year’s  Money Management Institute Summit focused on The Value-Add Imperative — how financial service providers can go beyond their traditional services to positively impact the lives of their customers. In this time of COVID-19 Summit’s core goal of empowering attendees with...Read more

Measuring your way to failure: Thinking beyond your model metrics before deployment 

Companies across the Financial Sector are using AI and Machine Learning to model customer behaviors, avoid risk, and streamline critical business processes. Consequently, building and testing Machine Learning models has become an important discipline for many financial institutions. Traditionally, the success of Machine Learning models, and often AI algorithms, is measured by key metrics that...Read more

Maintaining performance and productivity with Power Platform 

Whether they’re self-selected, HR mandated, passed on by old leadership or insisted on by the CIO, the tools we use every day shape our productivity. As financial service firms big and small actively search for balance in a COVID-19 environment, it’s become more important than ever that those resources are accessible, integrated, and cloud-connected if...Read more

Microsoft celebrates nurses and midwives around the world 

Microsoft is proud to support and celebrate nurses around the globe this Nurses’ Week May 6th – 12th as part of International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. This year is significant and exemplifies the importance of nurses’ work throughout the world for many reasons. The World Health Organization declared 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife to commemorate the 200th...Read more

Getting to Zero: Cloud-Based Customer Care Solutions 

Large-scale healthcare issues require solutions that connect patients to doctors and healthcare workers while providing insights that can save lives. Healthcare officials use data to treat patients and mitigate pervasive diseases while serving the widest range of patients possible. I recently spoke with Tyler Fisher of the Utah Ryan White Part B Program regarding their...Read more

Delivering impactful enterprise AI today 

As I work with customers across the US, I hear that many find the “promise of AI” to be somewhat overwhelming, with a variety of questions about where to start. In reality, the majority of SaaS offerings that we offer at Microsoft already include some AI capabilities, and the Azure platform has a wide variety of options available to analyze images, comprehend speech, interact with data in natural ways, and...Read more

Call Center Virtualization – 5 Critical Guidelines Insurance Execs May Miss 

Many insurers are realizing a need for transitioning their call centers to operate under remote work models.  The technological challenges associated with this type of undertaking are compounded by the need to drive those workloads under compressed timelines.   Fortunately, this evolution can be managed quickly and with the equivalent security, agent experience, and customer experience...Read more

Securing AI and ML projects: Data and cyber risk management 

As Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning continue to cement themselves as foundational resources for growth and transformation across the financial services industry, organizations must account for the added influx of data flooding into their enterprises. Every data science achievement must also account for how we secure and protect that data, making embedded data security risk management a far more pronounced need...Read more

Marketing During Digital Transformation 

Recently at Adobe Summit Valerie Beaulieu gave a breakout session highlighting Microsoft’s journey to become a marketing leader in the digital landscape we all live in today. Below are 5 key learnings Valerie uses to frame the Microsoft story. If you’d like to learn more download the eBook How to demystify data and extract impactful...Read more

Maintaining the customer/agent experience under a remote model 

Current events and related government mandates have created sudden and transformative changes for insurance carriers, their agents, and their customers. The resulting transition to remote work environments has disrupted traditional agent-customer interactions.  How can customers and their agents continue to interact effectively, despite these challenges? As we know, many agents have long been conducting remote customer meetings over the phone and by email. However,...Read more