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Sharpen your skills this winter 

It looks like winter will be even quieter than usual this year. So, if you’re in the mood for something more interesting than jigsaw puzzles and longer lasting than gingerbread, how about learning some new technical skills? Check out these Microsoft Learn modules to sharpen your cloud skills Four Microsoft Cloud Advocates have created modules...Read more

Flip the switch on remote productivity with Windows Virtual Desktop on Surface 

When COVID-19 hit the US earlier this year, organizations of all types and sizes had to metaphorically “flip the switch” to remote work at a moment’s notice. IT departments had to provision devices and customize remote environments that empowered users to essentially do business from their homes. The COVID-19 era obviously has introduced many new...Read more

#JulyOT – A month dedicated to learning and building IoT projects 

Attention all makers, students, tinkerers, hardware hackers, and professional IoT developers! The month of #JulyOT is here! To celebrate, we have curated a collection of blog posts, hands-on-labs, and videos designed to demonstrate and teach developers how to build projects with Azure Internet of things (IoT) services. This content ranges from video demonstrations of real-world...Read more

Unraveling the Azure Maya Mystery and building a world 

Last Hallowe’en, it was my pleasure to help launch the Azure Mystery Mansion, a text-based game built using Twine. Users explore the various rooms of an old house, picking up keys that allow final access to the attic where they claim the deeds to the house. In the process, rooms are unlocked by discovering solutions to small...Read more

NTT DATA drives team skilling with competition using the Cloud Skills Challenge 

When it comes to comprehensive digital business solutions, few companies in the world offer the portfolio of services that NTT DATA does. Headquartered in Plano, TX, NTT DATA manages a worldwide team of 50,000 employees that help their customers through their digital transformations. From cloud migration to infrastructure upgrades and business process optimization, NTT DATA...Read more

Join the Livestream to Learn About DevOps Integrations and Security in Azure 

What is Azure DevOps? Azure helps developers and IT professionals streamline DevOps application workflows so that they can build better software for their customers over iterative timescales. This includes tools for full project visibility for team members, full-stack monitoring and alerts, multiple delivery pipelines, and automated development and testing capabilities through Visual Studio and GitHub....Read more

Azure Mystery Mansion 

Em Lazer-Walker | Cloud Advocate I was approached by my colleague, Jen Looper, in early Fall to lead on an interactive experience dubbed “Azure Mystery Mansion.” She had heard of a previous project which had been a hit, Power Animal Quiz, and was on the hunt for a new and cool project to engage developers....Read more