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Microsoft in Business Blogs

As companies across every industry begin to embark on large-scale digital transformation initiatives, they should be looking to artificial intelligence as the pinnacle of emerging technology to enable business innovation. AI is ushering in new capabilities that offer businesses an immense repertoire of digital functionality to drive meaningful customer engagement, collect and analyze data, and bolster enterprise-wide efficiency.

But how do businesses begin to prepare for the age of AI?

Many organizations haven’t begun to scratch the surface of AI capabilities. As the world of AI explodes onto the main stage of business development, it’s time business leaders take a serious approach to understanding its functionality.

On June 27, Microsoft will be hosting the Emerging Tech Virtual Summit: AI Unlocked to help business leaders gain the upper hand when it comes to leveraging AI. The event will host expert speakers such as Norm Judah, CTO, Microsoft Digital, Services & Success; Robbee Minnicola, Global Lead, Wunderman AI; Tim Linsenmeyer, CTO, Clover Technologies; Ingrid Burton, CMO,; Steve Sweetman, Director, Microsoft Digital CTO Office; and Ricard Roma Dalfo, US CTO Enterprise Services.

During the summit, you will get an inside look into:

  • The state of the current AI landscape
  • How companies are leveraging AI to transform their businesses
  • How you can build AI systems with ethical foundations
  • The stories of how Microsoft customers are already leveraging AI with tremendous success

Don’t wait, take the next steps in discovering your business’s true potential with the power of AI. Register for the Emerging Tech Virtual Summit: AI Unlocked today.