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Being an industry leader means actively staying on the front end of innovation, seeking out the next wave of business technology to stay one step—or several steps—ahead of the competition. According to the latest trends, AI and cognitive innovation are the latest key players in the future of many industries. With 93% of Fortune 1000 company executives identifying AI as the disruptive technology their company is investing in for the future, it’s safe to say many business leaders are ready to transform how smart technology impacts their success.[1]

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), roughly 40% of digital transformation initiatives will be using AI services by 2019, and by 2021, an estimated 75% of enterprise-level applications will use AI technology[2]. Across disparate industries, markets, and regions, forward-thinking business leaders and business decision makers are looking to AI and cognitive technology to bring their organizations greater success and a stronger competitive edge.

Operate seamlessly and save money with smart technology

Investing in the benefits of smart technology can give organizations a measurable market advantage. From automating processes to using data insights more strategically, AI and cognitive technology can transform your operations, improve efficiency, and increase productivity for already hardworking teams. With all those business gains, it’s not surprising that leveraging intuitive technology can also translate into noticeable savings. By 2022, IoT will save businesses and customers an estimated $1 trillion in maintenance and services[3].

Smart technology also enables organizations to develop better data protection and security measures. According to the IDC’s data on cognitive and AI technology spending in 2018, organizations will spend an estimated $1.5 billion on automated threat intelligence and prevention systems, making it the second-largest spending total for the year[4].

Reinvigorate the customer experience with AI and cognitive innovation

Customer experience is a fast-growing focus among industry leaders, and intuitive technology like AI and cognitive innovation can help set your organization apart. As digital innovation continues to evolve, the way customers move through the customer experience and the insights those pathways reveal change, too. With AI and cognitive innovation, sales and marketing teams can develop more intuitive pathways and smarter customer service features like chatbots to drive customers through the customer experience. According to the IDC’s data on cognitive and AI technology spending in 2018, funds spent on developing automated customer service agents will make up the largest sum for the year with organizations investing an estimated $2.4 billion[5].

In addition to automated customer service agents, industry leaders are using intuitive technology to explore a number of other customer relationship solutions. The top AI technology and machine learning trends for 2018 include[6]:

  • shifting from traditional content marketing to machine-guided intelligent marketing
  • developing more research-oriented marketing campaigns targeting micro markets
  • leveraging more customer-centric communication
  • emphasizing intelligent tracking of market outcomes

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