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Microsoft Industry Blogs


Enabling a continuous and seamless auto buying experience 

I was fortunate to be invited by one of our customers to discuss what it means to enable great auto buying experiences while walking around – and climbing over – the new structure for a brand new auto dealership property being constructed here in Seattle....Read more

Supporting law enforcement resources with predictive policing 

Police departments are well aware that the mere presence of a uniformed officer or marked patrol car is a deterrent to many kinds of criminal activity, but getting police in the right places before a crime occurs has always been a challenge. Tight budgets often make it difficult to put more officers on the streets,...Read more

Winvision innovates its way to higher quality care for healthier citizens 

A software developer and systems integrator based in Utrecht, Netherlands, Winvision recently launched WinCare, a cloud enabled and mobile solution that promises to transform the delivery of youth care across municipalities....Read more

Double-edged disruption 

Technology has disrupted our workplaces, no doubt. It’s transformed businesses and changed workflows—all in the name of improving the bottom line. Modernizing the IT infrastructure isn’t an easy task, and failing to anticipate all complexities can result in an unhappy workforce. Organizations seeking to come out on top should understand the idiosyncrasies of this technological...Read more

Spreading Christmas cheer with Virgin Atlantic 

This weekend, flight VS011 from Heathrow to Boston took on a distinctly festive feel as teams from Microsoft and Virgin Atlantic injected a taste of Christmas enabled via some very cool technology. As well as putting a few smiles on faces, the aim was to show passengers what could be possible on future flights as...Read more