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A new way of working 

Dixons Retail is one of Europe’s largest specialist electrical retailing and services companies. Its brands include Currys and PC World in the UK and Ireland, as well as many others across Europe....Read more

NYC Office of Emergency Management 

The CityNext Team recently caught up with James McConnell, the Assistant Commissioner for Strategic Data at the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM), to ask a few questions about the agency’s new big data solution. Here’s what he had to say....Read more

Digital policing evolves in a new era of cyber crime 

The threat picture for law enforcement is changing rapidly – and in a borderless, constantly evolving society, new trends require new solutions to ensure the protection of citizens. At the first ever World Innovation Conference on The Future of Law Enforcement Information Management (WICLEIM 2014) , held last week in Amsterdam, global leaders gathered for...Read more

New use cases for device and mobile retail: Preparing for the next wave 

s the mobility and device revolution motivating or debilitating retailers in their quest to win consumer mindshare and walletshare? 2014 EKN analysis (n=131 retailers) reveals that on an average less than a third of retailers use some form of mobility and inter-operable devices that support sales, service and operations today....Read more

Big data: business insight for power and utilities 

For Power & Utilities the Big Data challenge is centered on harnessing massive new influxes of information to meet business imperatives such as reliability & efficiency, safety & security, profitability, and an evolving intelligent grid serving an increasingly sophisticated customer base....Read more

The specter of cyberwar puts new demands on defenders 

Cyberspace is recognized by many nations as a new combat domain, alongside land, sea, air, and space. A study by the UN Institute for Disarmament Research identified 33 nations that address cyberwarfare in their military planning....Read more

Climate change: Its your move 

If any doubt remained, a spate of new reports makes it clear that climate change is real and our efforts to rein it in are falling short. In fact, a report released by a United Nations panel in April reveals that greenhouse gas emissions are growing faster than ever....Read more

Enabling police on the front lines 

Police investigations depend on data, and ensuring that the data is accurate and readily available to police in the field is a powerful way to make officers more productive and help them in ensuring the safety of our communities. Forces can no longer continually spend their IT budget on ‘keeping the lights on’, or delivering...Read more

Tap Into the Data Dividend to Compete In the Age of IoT 

The technology marketplace is full of buzz today about big data and the Internet of Things, but the fact is, today’s more powerful sensors and devices, connected to back-end systems, analytics software and the cloud, are transforming industries, right now....Read more