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3 ways AI can help retailers stay relevant

As the retail industry changes and competition grows across every channel, retailers are turning to new technologies to move their customer experience forward and maintain relevancy....

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Photography depicts the development and design of AI applications.

Join women rocking retail in The Girls’ Lounge at NRF 2019

Women have long been both the heart and spine of retail as consumers, first-line employees, designers, influencers, and leaders. But while women drive an estimated 70 to 80 percent of consumer spending and represent half of first-line employees, we only occupy 5.6 percent of S&P 500 retail company CEO positions....

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Close-up of woman working in a medical laboratory

Every immune system has a story to tell; the key is knowing how to listen

That is the challenge that united us and Seattle-based Adaptive Biotechnologies one year ago. We set out to completely transform the way we diagnose, monitor and treat disease by creating a universal blood test to scan the body for past and present signs of infections, cancers and autoimmune diseases. The basis of our approach is...

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Powering mobile fraud detection on Azure at scale

Technology decisions involving scalability require a modern cloud-based infrastructure to handle the ever-increasing volume. The Microsoft Azure platform is quickly becoming the trusted cloud for the banking industry....

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