Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare: Partnering for the next generation of patient care 

4 min read

In a data-first world, healthcare organizations depend on their ability to gain and access insights from data. Helping our customers to digitally transform means breaking down the silos for data flow across the continuum of care. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare partners are helping these organizations and frontline healthcare workers to create a connected care experience…Read more

Top 5 retailer e-commerce readiness actions for holiday 

4 min read

Holiday is the most exciting and important time in retail. It’s where all the preseason inventory planning, the ramp up in hiring of seasonal employees for stores and warehouses, the marketing events, and all the promotions come together to deliver up to 60 percent of the total year’s business for the industry. Over the last…Read more

Microsoft to present smart-city solutions at Smart City Expo 

3 min read

Here at Microsoft, we’ve made a big commitment to help cities and governments become “smart.” What does that mean? It means we believe there is a huge opportunity for technology to help cities become more responsive to their residents, reduce the environmental impact of transportation and utilities, improve public safety, enhance communication and citizen engagement,…Read more

Meeting the challenge of military readiness in a digital world 

4 min read

A changing geopolitical situation, new ways of warfare, increasing cyber threats, and the rise of space capabilities and 5G communication are transforming Defense organizations. That transformation has been given even more impetus by COVID-19, which forced many organizations to reconsider their operating paradigms. Adapting to this complex and fluid landscape is impacting militaries’ ability to…Read more

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability: Tackling net zero with data 

5 min read

This year’s Microsoft Ignite arrives just months after NOAA reported the hottest global surface temperatures and highest ever ocean CO2 levels on record.1 The world faces an extraordinary challenge—to stabilize our climate by building a net-zero carbon economy. At Microsoft, we’re optimistic. We believe that it’s not too late to meet the net-zero challenge, but the time…Read more

Build a hyperconnected business 

7 min read

As the world has changed over the past 18 months, we’ve seen three trends emerge. Hybrid work is here to stay, customer demands have fundamentally shifted, and there’s no simple roadmap for what’s ahead. At the same time, we’ve seen an explosion of data, generated by every business process, every connected device, and every individual…Read more

Reimagine a new era of healthcare at Microsoft Ignite 2021 and beyond 

5 min read

In this dynamic healthcare era, there’s no more “business as usual.” The way healthcare organizations will work, engage with patients and support community health will never be the same, and it may feel like there’s no roadmap for what’s ahead. Reimagining the next healthcare era, will take continued agility to respond rapidly and predict what’s…Read more

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is now generally available 

6 min read

Expectations around digital experiences in the financial services industry are increasing at an accelerated pace—bolstered by the pandemic and an onslaught of disruptive innovation. Industry leaders view modern digital experiences as the “next frontier” to gain insights, collaborate, and sustainably differentiate across customer and employee experiences. As part of our commitment to enabling this industry…Read more

Announcing the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing preview 

4 min read

These last 18 months have been a time we will not soon forget. Filled with unimaginable change caused by the pandemic, the manufacturing industry has witnessed complete disruption in terms of business continuity, operational visibility, supply chains, remote work, employee safety, and the list goes on. Manufacturers who were already embracing digital transformation have been…Read more

Driving transparency to rebuild trust 

2 min read

How technology can rebuild bridges between communities and law enforcement Amidst the calls for police reform and the confusion and stress brought on by the pandemic, there is a common thread: scarcity of information, which drives mistrust. So what can we do to unite public servants and the communities they serve? Leverage innovative technology to…Read more

Partner opportunities with Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services 

4 min read

Introducing the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services offering I am thrilled to be sharing more about the partner opportunities available with the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, generally available on Nov 1. This industry-specific cloud introduces new capabilities that add to our existing public cloud offerings and in combination truly unlock the power and value…Read more

Analytics for fraud prevention and fraud detection in taxes 

5 min read

For more than a decade, tax administrations across the globe have been exploring the use of artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to prevent and detect tax evasion. While there are promising results, AI needs to further evolve and mature to drive increased impact. Democratizing access to AI, training more experts in data science…Read more