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The Microsoft periodic table 

<1 min read

The original periodic table dates back to 1869, envisioned by Russian chemist and inventor Dmitri Mendeleev. It’s been a favorite in science classrooms around the world ever since—as well serving as an inspiration to some of our more visually creative Microsofties, who just couldn’t resist making a version of our own….Read more

JT2Go for Windows 8 facilities mobility processes with Surface for leading Enterprises 

3 min read

Today, at the JT Open International Conference in Tokyo, I shared details about the overall performance of 3D Viewer for JT and JT2Go for Windows 8, how they are used with the assistance of ATK Aerospace and demonstrated a few of the exciting new features targeted for a future release of JT2Go….Read more

The ROI in BI Tools 

<1 min read

Great Western Bank sought to become even more stable after the global financial crisis, and one of its primary goals was to become BASEL II compliant, being able to put aside enough capital to offset its risk profile….Read more

Life after free wifi 

5 min read

64% of hotels now offer free wireless Internet (WIFI) to guests, which has become one of the, if not the, most sought after amenity for hotel guests worldwide, whether traveling for business or leisure. Whilst this is great for travelers, it is a challenge for hoteliers….Read more

Microsoft, Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software and ATK Aerospace To Share Mobility Progress at the JT Open International Conference 

1 min read

At the 2014 JT Open International Conference in Tokyo, Japan, I will have the pleasure of reporting the progress made by Siemens PLM and Microsoft to enable JT (ISO 14306:2012) for mobility business processes. To help bring this progress to life, I will have the privilege of sharing ATK Aerospace experience with Surface Pro and…Read more

A universe of opportunities 

5 min read

Speak provides its readers with a quarterly digest of features, commentary and case studies focusing on the role of Microsoft technology in the retail, hospitality and consumer industries….Read more