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How automakers can compete on customer experience 

2 min read

We all know that competition in the automotive industry is fierce. By our research, around two-thirds of car buying activities is happening online before anyone puts a foot inside a dealership showroom. Read more

JJ Food Service 

5 min read

Shopping carts that already list what you’re going to order? Now that’s customer service. And it’s the service that JJ Food Service customers get every time they place their orders online or by phone. Read more

How Microsoft cloud innovations accelerate adoption and business opportunities for manufacturers 

2 min read

As worldwide demand for cloud computing continues to rise, Microsoft is investing to meet this demand. At a recent event in San Francisco, our CEO Satya Nadella outlined how Microsoft is using Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics to deliver the most complete cloud for every business, industry and geography. Read more

A simple approach to Connected Operations: The industrial Internet of Things, people and services 

3 min read

A complex manufacturing revolution is happening today. “Can systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) be simple?” is a question that I often get. Let’s think through it… Read more