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Climate change: Its your move 

2 min read

If any doubt remained, a spate of new reports makes it clear that climate change is real and our efforts to rein it in are falling short. In fact, a report released by a United Nations panel in April reveals that greenhouse gas emissions are growing faster than ever. Read more

Enabling police on the front lines 

2 min read

Police investigations depend on data, and ensuring that the data is accurate and readily available to police in the field is a powerful way to make officers more productive and help them in ensuring the safety of our communities. Forces can no longer continually spend their IT budget on ‘keeping the lights on’, or delivering Read more

Tap Into the Data Dividend to Compete In the Age of IoT 

4 min read

The technology marketplace is full of buzz today about big data and the Internet of Things, but the fact is, today’s more powerful sensors and devices, connected to back-end systems, analytics software and the cloud, are transforming industries, right now. Read more

Cloud and Enterprise 

2 min read

According to the Microsoft survey The New Era of Hosted Services, organizations globally are increasingly turning to the cloud as a strategy for business growth. Read more