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Finance focus with Amy Hood and Frank Brod 

<1 min read

Amy Hood and Frank Brod help set an industry standard for merging data analytics and financial oversight. The question is, which practices set a company apart? There is endless data to be mined, so making certain the finance team harvests the right data and applies relevant insight is an art unto itself. Watch this excerpt Read more

B2B is the new B2C? 

1 min read

Ubiquitous social and mobile technologies are complicating relationships between businesses and their customers. Today, before engaging with a sales team, customers routinely collect information, conduct peer reviews and compare offers from a multitude of sources—few of which the seller controls. As buyers shift their behavior and grow more demanding, sellers must redesign how they work Read more

Connected experiences 

5 min read

11.03.2013 OnWindows Speak Magazine – Autumn 2013 Hotels are being challenged to increase the quality of service and deliver new revenue opportunities while still keeping the cost of operations down. There are three key areas where Microsoft and its partners are working to enable hospitality organizations to do this: guest experience, staff enablement and driving Read more

Microsoft Office 365 now available for California law enforcement 

2 min read

State and Local governments continue to shift more applications to the cloud. This frees up valuable resources for more strategic, mission focused projects. The move to the cloud also enables more collaboration and ensures workloads can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Read more