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The 3 stages of IOT: The path to personalized shopping 

In the retail industry’s quest for innovative ways to connect with customers, personalized marketing through mobile devices offers an opportunity to reinvent the shopper experience by increasing promotion redemption rates and nurturing a deeper level of customer engagement. And retailers are recognizing the need to get personal....

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Charting your journey to the cloud 

In my last blog, I wrote about identifying opportunities to further your mission with cloud projects. Once you’ve linked priorities from your mission statement to cloud-based business processes, the next step is to weigh the opportunities versus your concerns for each cloud project. Of course, you have to be concerned about Protected Health Information (PHI)...

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The one thing you can count on in healthcare 

In all my years as a patient, including some of the worst experiences that our fragmented health system delivers, there has been one constant I can count on-the steady care and compassion of nurses....

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