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Microsoft’s Upstream Reference Architecture 

Upstream operators are demanding software solutions that enable them to work smarter and take advantage of new technologies including cloud services, apps, mobility, social computing and platforms that unlock the potential of Big Data. Microsoft is at the forefront of these technology advancements....Leia mais

Microsoft’s Reference Architecture for Process Manufacturing 

Microsoft is at the forefront of today’s technology advancements including connected devices, cloud services, social computing, apps and mobility. Through the Microsoft Chemicals Reference Architecture (ChemRA) framework, we are working alongside our global process manufacturing industry partners to tackle head on the new requirements in information technology architecture driven by chemicals industry business complexities. Together...Leia mais

Reference Architecture Framework for Discrete Manufacturing 

These are unprecedented times for the Automotive & Electronics industries. In the “new normal,” the biggest challenges that manufacturers face revolve on operational efficiency, agility across innovation, operations and business strategies, and drawing tangible benefits out of deeper business insights....Leia mais

Drive Operational Excellence 

Learn how Microsoft is helping financial leaders achieve the operational excellence that their jobs now demand. This guide offers insights into how our powerful technology solutions can help them gain greater visibility and compliance across their entire enterprise, while increasing business control, productivity, and profitability....Leia mais

Making our cities more resilient 

As we work to make our cities great places to live, the exchange of ideas is critical. And that’s exactly what the 2015 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) & Mayors’ Forum is all about. The 10th APCS summit, which just took place this week in Brisbane, Australia, brought together a 1,000 government and business leaders...Leia mais