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How to advance quality practices in the automotive industry: standards and data formats

How capabilities of technology standards and data formats, specifically 3D printing, 3D visualization, and digital rights management, can help to advance automotive quality practices....

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Oil platform between Ventura and Channel Islands, CA

Microsoft’s Upstream Reference Architecture

Upstream operators are demanding software solutions that enable them to work smarter and take advantage of new technologies including cloud services, apps, mobility, social computing and platforms that unlock the potential of Big Data. Microsoft is at the forefront of these technology advancements....

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How to advance quality practices in the automotive industry with advanced analytics

How advances in analytics capabilities today through machine learning and predictive analytics is changing how automakers deploy insight tools across the organization....

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Microsoft’s Reference Architecture for Process Manufacturing

Microsoft is at the forefront of today’s technology advancements including connected devices, cloud services, social computing, apps and mobility. Through the Microsoft Chemicals Reference Architecture (ChemRA) framework, we are working alongside our global process manufacturing industry partners to tackle head on the new requirements in information technology architecture driven by chemicals industry business complexities. Together...

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