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Transforming the retail customer journey is now a mandate, holding the key to winning the hearts and minds of today’s digitally-enabled shoppers.

But what does this really entail?

Retail transformation means meeting customers on their own terms. It includes the balance between giving shoppers the control they want while also being there to assist when they do want help—in ways that are personal, relevant and engaging.

It requires delivering a connected and seamless experience and using technology innovations to empower people throughout every step of the customer journey—from the digital experiences that make shopping fun and rewarding, to the productivity and collaboration solutions that allow retail employees to provide outstanding customer service, to the intelligent systems that provide deep insights and empower advanced decision-making and personalization.

Our new video brings this transformed retail experience to life. It showcases the power of a continuous shopping journey, where the digital and physical are seamlessly blended, and where the shopper, sales associate, and store manager are dynamically connected. Watch and see for yourself.

This seamless and connected customer journey is both our vision for retail’s future and a demonstration of our technologies in action. Through the power of data and digital experiences, all of this is now achievable.

In retail, Microsoft’s mission and outcomes enable you to deliver personal, seamless and differentiated experiences by empowering people, enabling the best of online and offline, and capturing insights to drive growth.

Our offerings are delivered on a common platform that can span both digital and physical environments, which means that retailers can benefit from seamless connectivity between solutions across all aspects of their business. With Microsoft cloud innovations, digital engagements are personal, contextual and relevant based on purchase history, demographic information, location, time of day, and other data sources.

And our global partner ecosystem provides customers with even more choice when it comes to the technology they use to run their businesses—all built on one platform for ease of integration.

No matter how you start, you can count on Microsoft to provide the solutions and resources to help you reinvent the retail customer journey and drive digital transformation in all areas of your business. For more information, visit our Retail Industry Solutions webpage.

We look forward to transforming the future of retail with you!

LinkedIn: Pinar Salk