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Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to completely revolutionize retail experiences within the next year.
With the advancing technology around chatbots, a digital retail shopping assistant is now a reality. With LiveTiles Bots, you can configure an intelligent personal shopping assistant with just a few clicks – design its appearance, give it a name and assign it the abilities you need it to perform.
For example, say a customer walks into your store looking for a pair of jeans. They can ask your bot for a wash, size or style they’re after—the bot can then relay relevant information from different resources, including rich media like pictures of the jeans in question, general product information from a stock database, in-store location, or even prompt the user with current promotions and sales.
With LiveTiles, you can even configure your intelligent shop assistant to alert your floor workers to the customer’s interest and help them through the decision-making process to close the sale. This isn’t about pitting man versus machine, or even replacing humans with robots, but is instead about integrating effective and intelligent software to eliminate mundane tasks that erode human productivity, engagement, performance and increase time spent on creative revenue-raising tasks. 
Using LiveTiles Bots, you can create unique retail experiences for your customers that leverage artificial intelligence to provide customers with all the information they need to make a purchase.

Inventory Management

Make sure your supply is always meeting demand by bringing the power of artificial intelligence to your inventory tracker, supply chain tracking and staff management systems. 
With LiveTiles Bots, using no code, you can configure a bot (or even multiple bots!) to interrogate these disparate sources of information to bring live and on-demand inventory data.

Have your bot return the most current inventory numbers for a SKU, as well as the expected shipments arriving that day or week, and the contents of those shipments. With LiveTiles Bots’ natural language interface, this is as easy as dragging and dropping an Excel ability, linking it to a shared shipment tracking spreadsheet, or creating a custom ability tied to another system. 

You could configure that same bot so a location manager can see at a glance how many staff he or she has on the floor that day – perhaps by enabling a link to Microsoft StaffHub – particularly important for managing the ebb and flow of scheduled sales and seasonal workers. Or, to make each bot more efficient, simply configure a second bot to manage staff schedules – all deployable to over ten channels in a matter of minutes.  

Using LiveTiles Bots

LiveTiles Bots is a no-code bot builder powered by Microsoft Azure, which enables all types of users to build chatbots with only the abilities they need.
Even the specific words the bot recognizes can be tailored, so you can teach a bot to recognize geographic or brand specific terms for your retail location – all without code. You can customize how conversational a bot’s responses will be – from the chatty, down to simple commands only.
With the advantages of Microsoft’s Native Language Processing (NLP), LiveTiles Bots is a proven technology and a low-risk AI solution that makes creating multiple chat bots incredibly easy and cost effective for the retail industry.

A designer can customize a bot’s capabilities simply by dragging them from a pre-built ‘ability library’ (or even creating your own), and can further configure the data sources and systems that ability touches in the settings. When finished, you can deploy your chat bot in minutes to channels of your choice.

LiveTiles Bots’ ability settings also enable a user to tailor a bot’s language recognition – incredibly helpful for making sure your digital retail chatbot can understand any brand or location specific jargon your customers are using to find products.

Experience LiveTiles at NRF 2018

LiveTiles will join Microsoft in Booth #2803 during National Retail Federation 2018: Retail’s Big Show. Stop by to see a demonstration of LiveTiles Bots – a no code bot builder that gives anyone the ability to create multiple AI assistants in minutes.
A premier LiveTiles customer, representing their prestige skincare brand, will also be on-hand to talk with NRF attendees at the booth. As one of the world’s leading retailers, with over half a billion customers a year, the high-end beauty brand used LiveTiles to connect data sources and build a Digital Marketing Newsroom.