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When was the last time an advertisement truly captured your attention? For most people, it’s been a while. An ever-growing volume of online content is overwhelming today’s consumers. As a result, marketers face a growing challenge: how do they drive brand relevance in a world where customers see almost 5,000 advertisements a day1? Let’s look at how Danone, a leader in the consumer goods industry, is using cloud-based audience analysis tools to stand out from the crowd.

Increasing consumer engagement across a global brand portfolio

Danone is a global producer of food products such as Evian water and Dannon yogurt. Despite the strength of these widely recognized brands, Danone faced the challenge of engaging diverse consumer groups across their extensive product portfolio. Achieving successful engagement required their marketing team to connect with the appropriate audience for each product. Until recently, Danone relied on traditional market segmentation techniques to identify and understand key audiences. While these techniques were an important first step towards understanding customers, Danone couldn’t identify the underlying passions and interests that drive consumer behavior on a daily basis. In addition, Danone realized their existing market segments were theoretical and didn’t align to actual consumer communities united by shared interests. To match the right product and message with each customer, they needed a new approach to audience analysis.

Delivering a data-driven approach to audience analysis

To enhance their ability to understand and engage customers, Danone’s marketing team chose Affinio’s Integrated Audience Analysis platform. By leveraging Affinio’s powerful solution to connect billions of customer data points and identify key audiences, Danone is transforming its approach to product design and marketing. Instead of relying on traditional market segments, Danone now uses Integrated Audience Analysis to learn what motivates customers’ purchasing decisions. These insights help the marketing team map the competitive landscape, engage new customer communities, and land the right message with the right customer using the right channel.

Achieving transformative results for marketing teams

Affinio’s Integrated Audience Analysis platform has significantly impacted Danone’s business. According to Dieter Deceuninck, Danone’s Global Director of Strategy and Insights for Waters and Aquadrinks, using Affinio’s solution makes his team “sharper in our positioning, sharper in identifying the right people we want to focus on, sharper in making that translation, and sharper in getting the right assets for the right moments.” With Affinio, Dieter and his colleagues have advanced beyond theoretical market segments to identify naturally occurring groups of consumers united by shared interests. By focusing on the passions that define these groups, Danone’s marketing team has improved its ability to recognize opportunities for market disruption, generate compelling marketing assets, and effectively deploy them. By partnering with Affinio and Microsoft to deepen the connection between products, content, and consumers, Danone is taking critical steps to achieve brand relevance in today’s content-saturated marketplace.

Partner with a leader in consumer insights

For consumer goods companies, generating online content and hoping it resonates is no longer a viable option. As Danone discovered, today’s marketers need intelligent customer analysis tools to identify and engage consumers. Affinio’s Integrated Audience Analysis platform delivers the rapid, reliable, and scalable access to customer insights required to succeed in this environment.

Affinio is part of Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based CG and retail solutions, which includes solutions such as Inventory OptimizationPricing & Promotion Execution , Retail Execution, and Demand Planning. Start uncovering actual audience interests and building brand relevance today with the Affinio solution, available on Microsoft AppSource.

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