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Microsoft Industry Blogs

Today’s shoppers have grown accustomed to the convenience of online shopping’s instant ordering and rapid delivery. For many retailers, this ‘always-on’ culture is still in stark contrast to the capabilities of many of their legacy systems. Industry analyst IDC recently identified up to US$94 billion of additional revenue available to retailers willing to invest in technology that effectively manipulates their business data. The Record, Microsoft’s quarterly enterprise customer magazine, speaks with Vic Miles, Director of Industry Technology Strategy at Microsoft, to discuss how microservices offer retailers the perfect way to provide customers with a personalised and seamless omnichannel retail experience.

“If retailers truly want to deliver services to their customers in a fluid manner across all current and future channels, they must move away from monolithic legacy systems and on-premise multichannel platforms,” says Miles. “Cloud based microservices are the next evolution of enterprise systems development and they’re ideal for helping retailers create omnichannel platforms that have a full 360-degree view of all customers.”

Partners Episerver, Claranet, Segment of One and Cegid discuss the ways in which they are seeing their retailers leveraging big data, cloud and AI in their omnichannel strategies; they will also discuss the use of Microsoft Azure cloud and the deep learning capabilities of Microsoft’s AI platform to significantly enhance the commerce microservices they provide to retailers.

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